A Little History About V.S. PINK

Victoria Secret PINK announced it’s launch on October 16, 2002. It was a strategy to introduce older teens and young adults to the Victoria Secret brand. They knew that pink was a popular color choice when buying panties, bras and pajamas to that particular age range and would be an ideal way to introduce new young buyers to their extended more mature merchandise.
In 2006, the PINK visibly branded sweatpants and pajamas became very popular with teens and preteens, and helped tremendously with promoting the line.  Each item displays the PINK logo in large letters placed strategically in a visible spot.   And the first Victoria Secret PINK store opened in Canada on November 1, 2009.


10 Reasons Why We Love Victoria Secret’s PINK


1.  PINK Collegiate Collection

PINK has a collegiate collection that features styles for 70+ schools.  It is a popular choice among college girls to wear on game day to support their home team.  The collection includes most major league college football and baseball teams.

The line includes a variety of sweatshirts, sweatpants, shirts, hats that are fashionably branded with team logo and sometimes other trendy embellishments.

The PINK line offers college ladies the option to be a cheering sports fan and wear their teams name on clothes that are stylish, trendy, and more form-fitting.

Victoria’s Secret Pink Collegiate Collection Fashion Shirt
Victoria’s Secret PINK Campus Shorts


2.  Just Because It Says “PINK”, Doesn’t Mean It Has To Be Pink

Victoria’s Secret was founded 40 years ago in 1977 in San Francisco, California.  Since then, we automatically think of the color PINK when we think of the Victoria’s Secret brand.  We are all familiar with the V.S. store in our towns malls and how the light pink, hot pink and black color scheme stands out among all the  other retail stores lining the halls of our shopping malls.

The color theme that frames the window displays and coats the walls with the perfect pink pigment has drawn women into the store for years now and the merchandise keeps us going back.

Although we are surrounded by shades of pink while shopping, the store merchandise has always offered us a choice of many colors when purchasing bras, panties, lingerie, pajamas, and more.

And now Victoria’s Secret has cleverly caused women around the world to think of PINK as a brand, and not just a color.  And because we accept it as a brand name, we do not expect each item to be PINK just because it says PINK.  However, I must admit I still have people ask me why my turquoise bottles of bath products say PINK on them.

victoria secrets PINK clothing

Victoria’s Secret Pink Women’s Sweatpant
Victoria’s Secret PINK Bling Varsity Crew sweatshirt
Victoria’s Secret PINK Sweat Pants
Victoria’s Secret PINK High Neck Half Zip Fern Print Sweatshirt
Victoria’s Secret PINK Beach Tunic


3.  PINK Can be PINK

For those of us who not only love the brand PINK, but also love the color PINK, there are a multitude of items that say and display the color.  The PINK items that are “pink” tend to be a little more feminine and softer than the rest of the collection.

victoria secrets PINK pink clothing
Victoria’s Secret PINK Campus Long-Sleeve Pocket Tee
Victoria’s Secret PINK Campus Gym Shorts
Victoria’s Secret Pink Windbreaker
Victoria’s Secret PINK Campus Crew sweatshirt
Victoria’s Secret PINK Skinny Sweat Pants


4.  PINK is Comfy

The PINK collection is perfect for all those occasions that call for the comfort of soft, stretchy clothing that still has style.  The creators of PINK envisioned young ladies studying in their dorm rooms in comfy yet fashionable clothing.  And going to sports events looking sporty but still in style and comfortable.  And although PINK was intended and designed for the younger females, women of all ages all over the world are enjoying the comfort of  PINK clothing.

Whether it’s hot or cold outside, the PINK collection has a vast array of styles for every season.  The summer line offers many styles of shorts and tee shirts for outdoor play, and the winter line gives us sweatshirts, sweatpants, long sleeve-tee shirts.

victoria secrets clothing PINK
Victoria’s Secret PINK Campus Long-Sleeve Tee
Victoria’s Secret PINK! Cew Socks
Victoria’s Secret PINK Hoodie and Sweat Pants Set
Victoria’s Secret PINK Bling Varsity Crew sweatshirt
Victoria’s Secret Pink Cozy Soft Slipper
Victoria’s Secret PINK Tee shirt, White/Gray


5.  Cute and Comfy Jammies

The PINK collection also offers a variety of styles of pajamas.  Not only are they soft and comfortable, they are so stylish you will want to show them off.  They are perfect for sleepovers with friends and lounging around the dorm room late at night.

The PINK pajama collection includes shirts, pants, shorts, and top and bottom sets for each season of the year. They also have holiday theme pajamas available during holiday seasons.

victoria secrets PINK pajamas
Victoria’s Secret Pink NEW Cotton Sleepwear
Victoria’s Secret Cozy Pink Polka Dot Robe
Victoria’s Secret PINK Onesie Pajamas


6.  PINK Dog Mascot

We really can’t think about V.S. PINK collection without picturing the cute dog that is the mascot for the line.  It was developed to help the PINK collection appeal to the younger buyers.  But I think we can safely say that it appeals to all of us.

Victoria Secret’s uses the popularity of the dog to promote season collections by using it as a giveaway item.  They have also added the dog logo to a number of products that are geared toward young girls.

The dog comes in a variety of sizes and patterns of material that are usually a combination or solid of pink, white and black.  The pink with white polka-dots is the most popular.

victoria secrets PINK plush dog
Victoria’s Secret 7″ Plush Pink Polka Dot Dog “Happy”
Victoria’s Secret Pink Plush Dog White Dots Yellow Peace & Heart T-shirt
Victorias Secret PINK Begonia Bling Sequin Dog Zip Top Tote


7.  PINK Unmentionables (bras and panties)

And of course, we can not forget about what made Victoria Secret’s a household name in the first place.  They brought the bra and pantie out of the bargain basement at Sears and stuck them right in front of our faces in window displays all over the world.  They empowered women to shop for their intimates without the embarrassment of having to go to the back corner of the department store and shop among a sea of white, beige and tan bras and panties.  They added color, style and personality to our most personal items.

The PINK collection boasts a line of  intimate apparel for young women that has style, comfort, and age-appropriate sex appeal.  They come in a variety of styles, colors and pattern designs that appeal to girls all over the world.

victorias secrets PINK bras and panties
Victoria’s Secret PINK Ultimate Racerback Push-Up Bra
VICTORIA’S SECRET Pink Ultimate Push Up Sport Bra Marl Gray
Victoria’s Secret Pink Strappy Bra
Victoria’s Secret PINK Logo Hipster Panty
Victoria’s Secret PINK Boyshort Panty


8.  PINK Has More Than Just Clothing

Along with all the choices of clothing in the PINK collection, they also carry a line of accessories including bags, backpacks, foot wear, hats, umbrellas, sunglasses, water bottles and more.

They especially have a large selection of totes, bags and backpacks that appeal to young girls and older girls as well. They will occasionally have a promotion that offers one of the bags as a give away with purchase.  This type of promotion has been a popular selling scheme for many different stores for many years.  However, having a PINK labeled bag has become a status symbol among young and older girls.

victoria secrets PINK products










victoria secrets PINK bags










Victoria’s Secret Pink Bottle Opener Sunglasses
Victoria’s Secret PINK Sherpa Blanket
Victoria’s Secret PINK Wild Tropical Floral Large Backpack
Victoria’s Secret PINK Yoga Mat Pink
Victoria’s Secret PINK NEW! Water Bottle
Victoria’s Secret PINK NEW Logo Coffee Metal Mug Silver
Victoria Secret Pink Backpack Sherpa Backpack
Victorias Secret Pink Wheelie Suitcase Carry On


9.  PINK Bath and Body Collection

These days, no clothing brand would be complete without it’s own bath and body line.  There are many different scent lines to choose from such as, Fresh and Clean,  Warm and Cozy, Sweet and Flirty, Sun-kissed, Wild at Heart, Cool and Bright, and Beach Flower that all include body wash, lotion, spray-mist and a scrub.  Most of them have a shimmer product and come in a set.

PINK also has Bath Bombs, perfume, lip-balms and candles in various scents like Chill, Vibes, Glow, Fresh, Hibiscus, Jasmine, and Electric Palm.

Every scent is unique and appeals to the senses.  They all have a light, crisp, clean aroma that smells fresh and inviting.  It’s almost impossible to walk into a PINK store without wanting to smell all of them and not leave without purchasing at least 1 or 2 products.

There is almost always some kind of promotion on the bath and body collection that offers the buyer some kind of discount on a set of products.

victoria secrets PINK bath product
Victoria Secret Pink Fragrance Mist Gift Set
Victoria’s Secret Pink Fresh & Clean Mist and Lotion Mini Set
Victoria’s Secret PINK Game On Fresh & Clean Kit
Victoria’s Secret Pink FRESH & CLEAN Shimmer Shine Sparkling Body Mist


10.  The PINK Store

Of course purchasing anything on line is so much more convenient and easy these days.  But there are some stores that I miss shopping at since I have been doing most of my shopping on line.   Victoria Secret’s PINK store is definitely one of those stores.

Victoria Secret’s really knows how to zero in on our senses the minute we walk in the front doors.  The first thing to catch our sight sense is the Pink color that is drenched throughout the store.  Our eyes are then sent on a quick scan around the store, taking in all the displays throughout the store.

As we gaze around the room, we are then hit with the melodious array of scents filling our senses of smell.  There is a chorus of citrus, floral, spice and ocean scents that work together to fill the air with an aroma that elevates the shopping experience.

We are then enticed by the different textures that surround us on all sides.  We can’t help but gently touch the satin underwear in between are fingers.  And we have to check and see if the cotton night shirt is as soft as it looks.

And our sense of hearing quickly attracts us to the tempo of the music playing over the loud speakers.  The music is not over bearing or too loud, but there is just enough tempo and sound to serenade us as we shop.