Three of my favorite things are, the color pink, shoes, and shopping.  So when I get to combine them and spend an afternoon clicking and scrolling, clicking and scrolling, I am in my happy place.  I become completely consumed by navigating my way around the vast selection of pink footwear that is available to me online.  The “pink shoe gods” have heard my prayers and provided me with an abundant selection of pink shoes for every occasion, activity, and event.  

Buying shoes on line has become more popular every year.  People are realizing that you can drive to a shoe store and have a few hundred choices, or you can have a limitless choice of shoes at your fingertips wherever you are.  You also have a much larger choice of  the many types of shoes for the many activities of our busy lives.

If you are like me, your closet is probably full of pink clothing for many different occasions.  We all have specific clothing for the gym, work, parties,  summer, winter, and so on.  And because the majority of the clothes are pink and  the theme of this blog is pink, I’m going to share with you some fabulous pink shoes I have found for  some of the many activities  and events that we participate from day-to-day.

So along with some general rules accepted by society, researching current trends and styles, and some common sense, here is my list……



Pink  Athletic Shoes 

If you are physically active and participate in a variety of athletic activities, then you know that now days there is a shoe designed specifically for each sport.  How did humanity ever survive when we had to wear the same shoes to run in. that we wore to walk in.  We would even wear the same shoes when hiking up a mountain.  How dare we?   OK, I’m being facetious.  I’m sure that the design of a shoe can help facilitate and improve different athletic activities, but there seems to be a specific shoe design for every single sport.  They even have special shoes that can make your ping~pong game better.

So I’m not really concerned with the performance of a shoe, but I do like having an excuse to buy more shoes. I mean really, I don’t want to look like an idiot playing ping-pong in basketball shoes. Right?  OK, I’m still ridiculing a little, but the shoe industry have really locked on and are taking advantage of our needs and desire to over~indulge and make us believe we can’t perform without the right shoe.

OK, so I admit, I do have several pair of athletic shoes.  But my choices were purely fashion decisions, and not based on performance or any special abilities of the shoe to make me jump higher or run faster.  I’m going to highlight 3 categories of athletic shoes that are the most popular among women buyers.

1.  Casual Fashion Sneaker


kenneth cole fashion sneakerMy first pick is Kenneth Cole New York Women’s Kayden Fashion Sneaker  sneaker that is worn more as a fashion statement.  The soft color and slip~on design  make it easy to wear with a variety of clothing options, and can be worn to a variety of casual events.

When to Wear???

  • Because of the color and lace, this particular shoe is more of a summer and spring shoe.  But there are colors and styles of fashion sneakers that can be worn during any season.
  • Fashion sneakers are a popular shoe to wear to spectator sporting events.  You can look sporty and fashionable at the same time.
  • Perfect to wear to outdoor parties, barbecues, park events, etc.
  • Can be worn for style and comfort when dressed in very casual clothing.

Clothing that works well with fashion sneakers:

  •  Casual or dressy jeans both look nice with fashion athletic wear.
  •  They are the perfect shoe to compliment a designer track suit.  They both are worn to make someone look like they are going to the gym, but in reality are really probably going to Olive Garden for lunch.
  • Some fashion sneakers (like the pair pictured above)  can be worn with the right skirt or dress as long as you leave  the sweater, ankle socks and fanny pack at home.

2.  Walking/Running Shoe


skechers fashion sneaker pinkThere are several reasons I picked this particular Skechers Performance Women’s Go Walk Walking Shoe.  First of all they are a lovely shade of pink. They are also a very lightweight shoe which is such an advantage if taking long walks.  They also have memory pillars under the arch for extra support, and are made of a light mesh material that allows the foot to breathe.  So they actually sound like they are very comfortable and definitely a top contender for my next sneaker purchase.

Walking shoes are intended to be worn when someone is on their feet for long periods of time.  The light weight and arch support can really make a difference at the end of the day.  Now I know I was a little critical earlier about  athletic shoes having so many different attributes for different sports now days.  But the memory arch support is one new addition that I thank the corporate shoe gods for bestowing upon us.  What’s better than going for walks in stylish pink shoes, and being extra comfortable at the same time?

3.  Cross Training Shoe



Nike women s zoom winflo 3 running shoe--4289The Nike Womens Zoom Winflo 3 Pink Blast/White Bright Mango Running Shoe can benefit anyone who enjoys a variety of sporting activities.  Most Cross Trainers have a sportier look to them, and a tighter fit at the toe area.  They should fit a little snugger than the walking shoe, but can still be very comfortable.

So I haven’t gone to the gym for years, and I don’t run or play a sport that uses any kind of ball, stick or glove.  But, yes I do have a pair of cute pink Cross Trainers to go with that gym membership I pay for every month but never use.  But it’s always good to be prepared just in case, right?



Sandals For Sunny Events

One thing I look forward to most about summer is being able to shed all those layers of heavy wool sweaters, thermal and flannel shirts,  long pants and footwear that go up to my knees.   My feet are definitely ready to come out of hiding to receive their first pedicure of the season.  And I’m always excited to show off my electric pink toenail polish as I don my first pair of summer sandals.

There are many types of sandals for the many summer adventures we squeeze into 3 short months.  And our feet need to be pedicured and properly dressed for all the heated events.  There are usually a few weddings to attend, much-needed vacations to be had, family barbecues we dread, and many more events that require the attendee to show up in the seasons proper foot attire.

I have 4 types of sandals that I would like to share.  I know that there a lot more than 4 types of sandals available to us, but I feel that the 4 I’m highlighting would provide enough variety in their shoe wardrobe to get someone through  all their summer commitments.

1.   Flip Flops

Pink Flip Flops

Now I am aware that a lot of people are anti~flip floppers, but I freaking LOVE them.  I love that when I need to run out to the mailbox, visit a neighbor, or run to the store real quick, I don’t have to take the time to  pull on my uggs to protect my feet from the cold and snow.  I can just simply slide into my favorite pink flip-flops and off I go, pink pedicured and all.

This particular Aurorae Women’s Yoga Mat Flip Flop  is made by Aurorae and features a yoga mat footbed that sounds really really comfortable.  I don’t believe I have ever owned flip flops made from yoga mats, but now I definitely want to.

2.  Dressy Flat Sandal

Soft Pink Flower Sandal with Ankle Bracelet Attached

Not every woman is comfortable in heels, but may still need a cute pair of dressy sandals.  I like these flat sandals because they are unique and would be appropriate for a number of summer festivities.

These  Flower Beaded Women’s T Strap Sweet Flats Sandals  would definitely be appropriate for attending an outdoor wedding.  Have any of you ever worn stilettos to a garden wedding and your heels sink into the grass with every step you take.  Now picture that walking UP a hill.   That’s why it’s convenient to have a nice pair of dressy flats for such occasion.

I think that this pair of sandals would be a great alternative to any summer event that requires a dressy sandal, but would inconvenient  to wear high heels.

3.  Casual Summer Sandal

I am not a fan of the Gladiator Sandal that has dominated the sandal categories on-line.  I just don’t think they flatter most women’s legs.  I tend to think that they make the feet look larger and if there is any meat on the calves at all, the  high ankle straps can make the calves appear much larger than they are.

So it was kind of hard for me to find a casual sandal  for this category that I wanted to highlight.  Mainly because the internet is still inundated with those chariot riding, coliseum fighting gladiator sandals.  But after a long intense search I did find 2 pair I really liked so I’ll briefly share both.

Hot Pink Gladiator Summer Sandal

The color was the first thing to grab my attention with these Wedge Heel Sandals Fuschia Rhinestone Embellished Thongs.  I also think the scalloped edge at the ankle and the cutouts and rhinestones made this shoe a look a little more on the softer side than most of the modern replicated Ancient Roman sandals of the Gods.     The low wedge heel and rhinestones gives them the ability to be dressed up or worn casually.

Pink Suede Gladiator Sandals



I also picked this Wide Payton Shootie  because I do own a pair very similar to these.   They have been a great casual sandal that I enjoy wearing with straight jeans.  Because of the fuller foot coverage, they can look more like boot sandals when worn with long straight pants.

I also like the neutral pink color.  It allows for the shoe to be paired with more natural colors of clothing.  Some shades of pink can really limit your choice of clothing options if you really think about it.  I would also wear this shoe in early Fall before it gets too cold because of the neutral color and amount of coverage.  After all, I need to show off those pedicured toes as long as possible.



Winter Snow Boots,

Because I live in a very snowy climate, I was excited to go on a snow boot search.  It’s never too early to pick out the winter boots that you will be wearing in several months as you frolic through the first snowfall of the year.  O.K. I wouldn’t really buy them this early, but I have learned that is important to get a jump on the snow boot buying rush.  The popular sizes go really quickly and you usually won’t see them again for several months.

Fashion Snow Boot

Cute Pink Fashion Winter Snow BootsNow because I have lived in a snowy climate my whole life, I have learned that there are 2 types of snow boots that have equal importance.  Throughout the winter the sky is filled with white fluffy flakes of snow falling and covering the ground in a thick blanket of wonderment that’s really cold to walk in.  So it’s very important that when you’re required to wade through a sea of cold snow,  you protect your feet.  And not only should the boots protect your feet,  they must be fashionable as well.  And in order to keep up with the winter trends, two types of snow boots are required.

These Mid Wedge Platform Faux Fur Lined Lace Up Ankle Snow Boots would be an example of the first.  They would be worn when it’s snowing, or if there is snow on the ground from a previous snowfall.   If you are going somewhere that requires you to look nice and still keep your feet warm and dry when getting from one place to another, these are the perfect Snow Boots.  The light pink color and the fur give them a soft classy look. They also have a slight wedge which  adds to their more fashionable appearance.  These are a very popular boot on-line and I have tried to order them a couple of times, but it was too late in the season and my size was gone.  Maybe this year.

Light Pink Winter Snow Moon BootsThis next boot would be worn when you are going somewhere that requires you to be in the snow for a longer amount of time.  They could be worn after a day of skiing, or while sledding or other activities that require a lot of protection from the cold and snow and need to be easy to maneuver in as well.

I picked the Classic Pink Moon Boot because it reminds me of my childhood when I had a pair of those ugly gray, blue, black and red (yuck) Moon Boots that preceded the more stylish ones you can find now.

They are extremely lightweight and waterproof.  The inside has a heavily padded lining that make it feel more like you’re walking on the sun than the moon.  The original Moon Boot is made in Italy by Technica, but there are many impostors out there as well.  I have read several articles about imposter moon boots.  Most articles agreed that the original Moon Boot by Technica kept the feet warmer and dryer, and are much more c omfortable.



Shoes with High Heels

Without a doubt, high heels are the sexiest and dressiest shoe.  Women have been purchasing and obsessing over high heels since the 1940’s when the stiletto was introduced.  However, men were the first to slip on a pair of shoes with an elevated heel many centuries ago.  They did not wear them for the purpose of portraying a sexy vibe, but heighten their status as men by becoming taller.  High heels were considered very masculine back then.

There are so many variations of shoes with heels on them now. And they all seemed to have reached the limits of being unreasonably and uncomfortably high.  but the 3~4 inch heel is the most popular.  There are 3 types of high heel shoes that I feel can contribute to a woman’s wardrobe.  And they are ……

1.  Pumps

I love the color and texture of this Fuchsia Crochet Detail Platform Pumps Shoes.  I also like the platform base at the front of the shoe.  A shoe like this is so High Heel 4 inch Pump Pink Shoeversatile and can be worn with many different outfits.  I think the color would really make the shoes pop when worn with a nice pair of straight jeans and matching top.  And of course they would  be the perfect complement to the right skirt or dress of varying lengths.

Pumps have been worn by woman through the decades for many different reasons and occasions.  They are very versatile and worn during every season.    A saying that has been around for a long time is “you can’t go wrong with a good pair of pumps”.  Anyway, that’s what my mother always said.

2.  High Heel Sandals


High heel sandals are worn primarily during spring and summer.  They are a great heel to wear with summer dresses and skirts.  The strappy high heel sandal is quite popular and usually have a more delicate look to them, which makes them ideal for formal attire.

pink strappy sandal pumpsThis Strappy High Heel Sandals  has a 4″ heel and ankle strap.  The strap that connects at the heel and behind the large toe at a diagonal is a feature that can make the foot appear more slender.   It’s extremely important to purchase the correct size and fit when buying this type of sandal.  There is nothing more unappealing than a woman walking around with her toes hanging over the tip of the shoe, or the pinky toe hanging off the side like it wasn’t invited to the party.  This is a shoe that almost insists on an attractive foot to do it justice.  A pedicure is a must before wearing this type of sandal.

3.  High Heel Wedge

High Heel Pink Wedge SandalI love a cute Summer  Wedge Strappy  Dress Sandal!  I actually own more wedge sandals than any other type of shoe. Wedges can have a soft look like this shoe, or they can look a little or a lot chunkier.  I find them more comfortable than a spike heel and a lot easier to walk in.  But that’s just me.  I know a lot of women have mastered the art of gracefully balancing and walking on two tiny little sticks under their heels, supporting the bulk of their body weight.  I’m just not one of them.

There are so many cute wedges on-line, that it was really difficult for me to pick just one.  I chose this light pink wedge based on the look, number of great reviews and reasonable price.  I think it also a very versatile shoe.  A pair of these wedges would look at home with  dresses of various lengths and dress pants for more formal occasions, or worn with  jeans or shorts for a more casual outing.  I also feel like this shoe would appeal to a variety of ages.



Types of Boots

So I have already covered winter boots , but there are many more types of boots that are available on-line.  Most boots are worn primarily during winter and fall.  And just like we are excited to throw them to the back of our closet at the end of winter to display our summer kicks.  We are just as excited at the end of summer to retrieve them again as we begin to feel a chill in the air.

Although there are a multitude of boot varieties out there, I am sharing the 3 types of boots that are among the most popular.

1.  High Heeled Boot

Pink Satin High Heel Lace Up BootsO.K. so I’m not crazy about the satin material this boot is made of, but I picked this Satin Lace Up Chunky Heel Boot for a reason.  They remind me a pair of black boots I had once and I really loved them.  The only difference is they were leather and they had clasps instead of holes for the shoelaces.  So every time I took them off or put them on, I would have to completely release the laces down to my ankle in order to maneuver my foot in and out of the boot.  This was a timely procedure but well worth the effort because of my fondness for look and comfort  of the shoes.

My husband was definitely not a fan of my black lace up boots though.  Several years ago we went on a trip during the winter and I decided to wear them on the flight that had two connections.  We were still dating at the time, so we were still in the beginning phase of a relationship when patience comes easier.  However, I could see his patience being tested  and wavering each time we went through security and the timely act of unlacing and lacing up  my boots would cause us to make a dash for the next flight.  And then, on the same trip I wore them to a professional golf tournament.  Ya, I know, how stupid was that?  In my defense though, I had never been to one or watched one on TV.  I did not realize that I would be walking the entire length of the course following Phil Mickelson from hole to hole.  Such a bad idea.  He has never let me forget my poor choice of footwear that trip and I have never worn any shoes with laces on a vacation since.

So there you have it.  Rather than sharing some suggestions on when to wear this boot, I have explained when not to wear them.  Which can be just as useful.

2.  Combat Boots                                                                                                

Military Lace Up Buckle Combat Boots   
Pink Combat Boots with Secret Pocket

Combat boots popularity exploded during the 90’s grunge phase, and they have remained a popular boot choice.  Although historically, combat boots have always been dark neutral colors, we now see them available in a wide variety of colors.  And best of all, they come in many shades of pink.  Combat boots are very versatile and can be worn during any season if styled right.

Combat Boots are a good idea when?

  • They are most often worn during the fall
  • They are great to wear to concerts
  • Usually worn when going for a retro grunge look

Some popular clothing worn with combat boots:

  • leggings, long shirt, and a fall jacket.  Looks best with long, heavy socks.
  • they can make lacy and flowery short dresses look edgier and more mature
  • they are often worn with skinny jeans and make the perfect match.
  •  denim short shorts can look fun with combat boots (if you are young and have great legs)
  • beanies and combat boots go together like macaroni and cheese.  Each one makes the much better.

3.  Ankle Boots

Pink Suede Ankle BootAnkle boots can have any size heel from flat to stiletto.  Combat boots are even considered to be ankle boots, but I wanted to highlight them separately.

Cute, comfortable Buckled Straps High-heel Platform should be a part of anyone’s shoe wardrobe that wears pants often.  They otsare a much more comfortable and attractive choice when choosing to wear boots with pants that are not the right cut of pant to wear tucked in boots.  We have all seen that fashion faux pa, and it ain’t pretty.

No matter what the style is or type of heel an ankle boot has, it is much more comfortable than having boots up to our knees overlapping pants down to our ankles.  That can be very confining and hot, which if you’re anything like me, can cause my mood to darken.

Although most types of ankle boots can be worn with many clothing choices, my only suggestion would be to invest in a good, comfy pair of ankle boots to wear with pants if you choose to wear boots with long pants.  They can be a mood saver.

4.  Flat Casual Riding Boots

Right now I am reminiscing about a pair of flat riding boots I had during my Madonna phase.  Oh my gosh I felt like Madonna when I would wear those knee~high leather boots with cutouts that made them resemble lace, with my skin tight  black mini skirt, off the shoulder black sweater, lace gloves and lace bandana accessorizing  my permed, high~banged, blonde hair.   “OOh that’s a scary flashback”, but back then I was a “material girl”.  Lol

Well fortunately, the Madonna and the 80’s fashion is long gone, but the flat riding boot has stuck around, and is much more cohesive with today’s fashion trends.

Pink Suede F;at Boot with FringeRiding boots were originally made for different styles of horse riding.  The western cowboy boot has maintained basically the same look and reputation, while the equestrian riding boot has become more versatile and fashionable.  I like this Suede Leather Pointed Toe Flat Heel Fringe Handmade Boot   because it is a fashion boot but the fringe gives it a western look as well.  This would be a fun boot to wear during the Fall with a cute pair of jeans and a hip length cardigan sweater.




Casual and Dressy Flat Shoes 

Most women have at least one pair of basic flat shoes in their wardrobe.  They are worn by women every day in the workplace when comfort and mobility are a necessity.  They come in basic one color styles, or are often embellished with buckles or bows and other adornments.  The dressier flats have a more pointed toe, while the casual flat usually has a more rounded toe.

Dress Flat 

Hot Pink Suede Flat Women ShoeA nice dressy flat like this hot pink Walstar Women’s Basic Round Toe Ballet Flat   shoe can replace the high heel pump for women that are uncomfortable wearing heels or unable to because of health reasons.   It could be worn to most dressy and semi~formal events if worn with the right clothing.

Although they are a much more comfortable shoe than most dressy footwear, it is still important to buy a shoe that fits well and provides some arch support and padding.


Casual Flat

Pink Casual Flats with Dogs

I couldn’t have picked a better shoe to highlight last.  I mean what’s better than a pink flat shoe with dogs on them for your tired dogs?   Who wouldn’t want to wear such a cute casual shoe that’s bound to gets lots of complements and attention.

This darling shoe is a Skechers Plush – Puggin’ Around Flat, which is a well-known and trusted brand.  What a perfect pair of casual shoes to wear on a Saturday afternoon when walking the dogs or hanging out at the dog park.  I know that’s a predictable scenario, but if you have dogs, you know I’m right.



So there you have it.  Pink shoes for any event.  Whether you are going out to the club or to church, there is a pink pair of shoes out there that would perfectly fit the occasion.  And if you’re just not that into pink, most of the  shoes on my list come in a variety of colors as well.

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