Easter is definitely a holiday that we associate with food. Easter Baskets are filled with chocolate bunnies, jelly beans, and all kinds of goodies that satisfy our sweet cravings.  And of course, Easter eggs are in full supply to eat out of the shell, or made into deviled eggs, or some other egg dish.

And Easter dinner, which traditionally includes a Honey Glazed Ham , some kind of cheesy potato dish, rolls, and a variety of vegetables.  Easter brunch is also a long standing Easter tradition among many families which usually includes various egg dishes along with the ham, potatoes and veggies. Let's Gather This Easter and Cook Together and Exceptionally Easter: 60 Delish Recipes are great recipe books where you can find some delicious Easter brunch and dinner recipes.

Although, Easter is associated with great meals and baskets full of candy, some of us look forward to the bunny and egg shaped cookies and pastel decorated cupcakes more than anything.  Or perhaps it's the baking and decorating  that we enjoy the most.  There are so many fun and creative Easter treat recipes that can be given as Easter gifts for friends and family.  is full of recipes for Easter cookies, cakes, candy and desserts.

Here are some of my favorite Easter treat recipes posted by some creative and talented bloggers that would make great gifts, basket fillers, or Easter dinner dessert.




Sweet Treat Recipes For Easter