Who said popsicles should only be a snack for kids?  Why shouldn't us adults be able to enjoy the cool satisfaction of a frozen treat on a stick?  Especially on a hot summer day.

I know that I have never outgrown the craving for the icy, fruity goodness that only a popsicle can satisfy.

It is a fact though that popsicles have always been associated with kids and summertime play.  Even though kids are incapable of eating a popsicle without half of it ending up all over their face, hands and clothes.  Then they get all sticky and continue to play outside until all the stickiness is covered in dirt.

But who doesn't have great memories from their childhood that involves popsicle juice running down your arm every time you take a lick or bite of it.  Or halfway through eating one, it has melted  just enough to  fall right off the stick onto the ground. That still happens to me.

So how can we take a memorable childhood treat and and make them more age-friendly?  You guessed it - ALCOHOL!  If you have not tried adult-only popsicles, you are really really missing out. They are a huge hit with the adults at summer parties.

Forget the jello shots and invest in some popsicle molds for your next party.

The possibilities of ingredients and spirits are endless.   Champagne pops, mojito pops, and rum pops only to name a few.

I would like to share some of the very best spiked popsicle recipes that I have found over the last couple years.

And yes, they are all pink popsicles.  Because I love PINK!  And this is a pink blog after all.  But when you think about it, all the best flavors like, watermelon, raspberry, pink champagne, pink lemonade are PINK!


WARNING:   Too many boozy popsicles may result in a sticky face, arms and hands.