♥27 Scrumptious Valentine Treat Recipes♥ 

As Valentine's Day approaches, what are you most excited for?  Some of us are looking forward to spending a romantic evening with our partner or love interest.   Or maybe you have kids and are looking forward to the tradition of helping them make Valentines for their friends.  The decorating aspect of Valentines is always fun and something to look forward to as well.  

But I am willing to bet that the one thing that everyone looks forward to is the chocolate, candy, cookies and treats that have become synonymous with the lover's holiday.  What's Valentine's Day without a smorgasbord of delectable sweet goodies to satisfy your sweet tooth?   

A great way to show your love and appreciation for loved ones and friends on Valentine's Day is to present them with a plate, bag, or box of treats.  And thanks to Pinterest, the choice of Valentine treat recipes are endless.  

After searching through countless mouth-watering Valentine recipes, I found 27 Valentine theme recipes for PINK sweet creations of delectable goodness.   I wanted to include of variety of treats including cookies (of course), popcorn, pop-tarts, cinnamon rolls, cakes, and other heart-shaped or Valentine theme recipes.   

The following recipes are links and have been posted by some very creative and reputable bloggers, who have provided easy to follow directions.