Pink Improvement (tools for women)

Rosei the Riveter pink

Rosie the Riveter is a cultural icon that became popular during World War II.  She represented women that worked in factories and shipyards replacing the men who were off fighting the war.  She has been used as a symbol of feminism and similar images have been used worldwide since World War II.

woman in factory during ww2

woman using machinery during ww2

woman in factory during war

Millions of women were encouraged to work industry jobs and take over jobs previously done by men.  One government advertisement stated, “if you can use a mixer, you can operate a drill”.  It is believed more than 19 million women held factory jobs during World War II.  However, once the war was over, women were expected to return to the home and be housewives.

After the war, many women wanted to remain employed but were moved into clerical and administration positions which were lower paying positions.  Women were not happy about being pushed out of higher paying factory jobs as they felt they had proved themselves worthy during the war to work aside men at the same pay.

josephine the plumberThe next female icon that would come along wielding tools was Jane Withers when she gained fame as Josephine the Plumber.  Once again, women were reminded that they could handle tools as well as a man.

The Josephine the Plumber long-running television commercials lasted into the 1970’s which is when there was another surge of women being employed in factories and industrial type employment.

Now women can be found employed in all areas of employment that were once considered only a “man’s job”.  And because of that, an entire industry that has always only catered to men is now providing tools that appeal to women.  That’s right, PINK tools.

Just because a woman works in a position that requires her to wear a tool belt, she still may want to express her feminine style.

The following 3 companies had the highest rating for PINK tool quality, performance, price and variety.




The Original Pink Tool Box have a distinctive pink color that stands out.  The tools are durable, have style, and are a good quality brand.  It is probably the most recognizable brand of all the PINK tool brands.  They also have a large inventory of merchandise.



Pink Power Tools is a brand that is known to be a little more stylish and feminine that most PINK tool brands.  Most of their products are a lighter feminine pink and a fun bubble-gum pink and are labeled with an eye-catching stylish logo.

They promote their tools to be lightweight which is a quality that a lot of women appreciate.  However, their line does not seem to be as extensive as other PINK tool brands.