Some of you may relate to this. My husband and I have several favorite restaurants that we frequent.  And at each restaurant I have a favorite meal that I order every single time. Before we get there, I always tell my husband that I’m going to be adventurous and order something different.   “Ya, sure you are”, he says with a smirk and an eye roll. And he’s right. No matter how committed my taste buds are to savor the ambiance of some new exotic flavors, the logical, conformist voice in my head says “go with what you know”!  And I always do.  I always order the same thing.  Every single time without fail.



The same thing happens each spring when I venture out to buy the flowers that will bejewel my yard for the next few months.  As the time of replenishing the soil with natures colorful beauties draws near,  I begin fantasizing about all the many different flowers that will adorn my yard, making my neighbors green with envy, as they gaze upon my flower beds filled with new floral masterpieces.

However, no matter how grand the visions of my yard are in my head, I predictably end up coming home with the same flowers every year.  I will spend hours at the nursery inspecting each flower and researching their needs. Eventually, I become completely overwhelmed and unsure, and decide to just go with the flowers I already love and know how to care for. And not only do I come home with the same flowers every year, I inevitably come home with the same color of each flower.  And that color is PINK.

And because I am such a creature of habit, I end up planting them in  the same spot every year.  If you were to look at pictures of my yard over the last several years, you would not be able to tell one year from another.

So why are my actions in such conflict with my intentions.  My actions clearly rule over my good intentions.  Am I just predictable and boring?  Am I incapable of freely expressing my creativity,  or am I just afraid of change?  After giving this matter some thought and discussions in my head, I have come to the conclusion that, along with being a little resistant to change, I admit,  I have conviction and although I entertain the many choices in life, I know in the end what will make me happy and  leave me with a peaceful satisfaction.  

And just like the year before, I take pride in the vision of flowerbeds and pots overflowing with blossoming pink splendor. And for the duration of the summer I can take satisfaction in knowing that  I made the right choice, again.


1. Hot Pink Geraniums

  Hot Pink Geranium Flower Care                                                                           I have an emotional connection to geraniums. They were my mothers favorite flower and I grew up surrounded by them in the yard each summer, and the dug up roots in the basement  during the winter. The smell of Geraniums is such a familiar and nostalgic scent that takes me back to my childhood.  She was an expert at geranium care and upkeep.   You could have called her the “geranium whisperer”.    She was partial to the reddish-orange bloom, and rarely planted any other color. Where as, I will always choose some shade of pink, usually (pink ) Scented Geranium Live Plant .   I love that they are great companion flowers and they always have a starring role in my pot arrangements.

Geraniums can be easy to care for and can be grown outside or indoors.  When planted outdoors, they need to be watered weekly or when soil feels dry.  Potted geraniums may need to be watered daily during hot weather.  A water-soluble fertilizer should be used to optimize growth.  Dead-heading Is recommended to ensure more frequent and full blooms.  More Info on geraniums can be found in:       
Bulbs in the Basement, Geraniums on the Windowsill: How to Grow & Overwinter 165 Tender Plants


2. Pink Petunias                                                            

pink geraniums in hanging basket I know petunias are a commonly used flower, and deservedly so.  They are easy to plant and maintain throughout the summer, and do well in heat.  They grow beautifully in hanging and decorative pots and flower beds.   And because of the variety of colors, they are often used as a decorative design in yards, parks and business grounds.



 Double Sweet Hot Pink Petunia Flower  make great fillers (see diagram) in potted arrangements because of their fullness and summer long blooms.  Petunias are also easy to grow from seeds if planted in time.




3.  Snapdragons                                                      

  pink snapdragon flowers    Another memory I have from early childhood is, at the end of our road, next to the church was a large field completely saturated with Snapdragon flowers of every color.  I remember walking by the field and the summer air was filled with a sweet floral scent that only thousands of Snapdragons could supply.  If I remember correctly, a local farmer grew them to sell in the Spring.  I have a very diluted memory of stopping there with my mother to buy some flowers to take to her parents grave.  

These days I enjoy the subtle aroma of the few Snapdragon- PinkSnapdragons  that I use to add height (thrillers) to my flower pot arrangements.  They can be annuals, but they never seem to bloom as full as they do their first year.  I choose to replace them each year.  

They come in a variety of sizes as well as brightly intense colors.  Of course I prefer shades of pink and I also prefer the mid~size plant which grow to about 15 ~ 30 inches.  The dwarf  plants mature at 6 ~ 15 inches, with the tall reaching a height of 30 ~ 48 inches. Of course, growing conditions will determine how tall each size of plant will ultimately grow.   I find that the mid~size are the perfect height to add proportion to my flower pot arrangements.

Snapdragons can be planted at the end of winter, because of their resistant to frost.  If planted early, this will ensure full blooms by early summer. During the heat of mid~summer, the blooms may thin out, but will return when the weather cools a bit.  


4. Moss Rose~Sundial Fuchsia                         

   portulaca-grandiflora-sundial-fuchsia-u1530-1                                                                                     Moss Rose occupy the hardest to grow places in my yard because of their high tolerance for heat.  It was the first and only flower I planted the first summer we lived in this house.  Because it was a 

newly built home, and the yard was void of anything that provided shade, planting flowers that summer seemed unlikely.  However, once the grass had been laid, I knew I needed to add a little color.  My  house faces west, and my front yard basks in the hot sun all day.  So I obviously needed to find a flower that could survive the heat.   Now this was before the internet when we actually left our homes to make new discoveries and get information we were seeking.  So after making a trip to my local nursery, I began my search for a flower that would flourish in the hot summer sun.  One of the employees pointed me to the succulent section.  I was very unfamiliar with succulents at the time.  I immediately  was drawn to a low~growing plant with spiky bluish~green leaves and the most vivid and colorful flowers laying atop the crawling greenery.  I bought all they had that day and planted them in all the places in my yard that are now landscaped with trees, bushes and scalloped flower beds.  And although they were rooted in sandy soil, and basking in the heat from the afternoon and early evening sun,  those little Moss Rose soldiers bloomed full all summer long.  They now have a permanent reservation in the rock garden surrounding my mailbox each summer.   And although I love the multi~color plants, I am partial to the Portulaca Sundial Fuchsia Sundial Fuchsia these days.


5.  Cheddar Pink Dianthus                                                                   

Dianthus are my favorite flower to line my flower beds with.  The   Dianthus Cheddar Pink Flower flowers are a coolish~pink color with a bright yellow center.  Cool pink and yellow are complimentary colors which gives the flower a very striking appearance. They also have a slightly delicate look to them, which can  add a little softness in the yard.  

  Dianthus Cheddar Pink Flower also have high tolerance for heat and are a pretty easy flowers to maintain.  Deadheading will prolong the blooming, but can be tedious work.  I find that when the flowers are gone, a beautiful mat of green foliage makes a nice ground cover and lasts late into the season.

After The Planting is Done

Now when I’m working or relaxing in my yard surrounded by a plethora of pink petals, I’m always on the lookout for pink garden tools and décor that I can add to add to my  Pink~themed yard.

I have spent a great deal of time searching on line for unique pink items that I can use or enjoy in my yard and on my patio.  When searching for those products, they must meet the following criteria to make my list; 

  1.  Must be primarily pink
  2.  Have unique qualities
  3.  Be a quality item
  4.  Inexpensive

 Pink Garden Tools & Outdoor Garden Decor     

1. Pink Garden Tool Set

                                                      Pink Garden Tools, Garden Gloves and Apron                                                        So as requested by me, my son gave me a very extensive garden tool kit in a black case for Mother’s Day this year.  It is something I have had my eye on for quite some time, and I guided him to the exact one I thought I needed.  I definitely was not disappointed with my gift, but after using it for the last couple of weeks, I have realized that although the set has 20 some odd garden tools, I only use 3 or 4 of them.  I wish I would have chosen a smaller set with fewer tools, instead of the one that made me think I needed 20 tools in order to successfully maintain my yard.     So my advice would be to save some money and invest in a set of Apollo Precision Tools Garden Kit, Pink,, Donation Made to Breast Cancer Research pink garden tools that only contain a few useful items.   Garden gloves and an apron with pockets would  have been much more useful than a suitcase of tools I will never use.  And much cheaper.                                                                                                                                                                                      

 2.  Pink Striped Hammock                                                                                    

  I’m going to be honest and admit that I have only been on a hammock once in my life.  And that was at a hotel in Playa Del Carmen, on the patio.  They have always been a little intimidating and a sure fire way to display my clumsiness and inability to balance.  However, while in Mexico, I decided to put aside my fears and try as gracefully as I could, get on, or is it into, the hammock.  I was successful and I laid there all afternoon with a view of the ocean.I have wanted one ever since that vacation, but I have always  lacked the trees or structures to support one in my backyard.  But that doesn’t keep a girl from dreaming.  I would choose this Rope Hammock  above all others.  I love the colors and how durable the bed looks.  I would prefer an open bed hammock like this one as opposed to a net bed that folds.  I can just picture one of my dogs laying by my side as we lazily sway to the breeze on this particular hammock.  I am pleasantly surprised at the price, which is much lower than similar hammocks of the same structure that I have seen elsewhere.  After reading the good reviews on this product, I  am convinced it would be my first pick of hammocks.  If I only had planted 2 oak trees all those years ago.


3.  Pink Garden Hose                                                                                        

Pink Stretch Garden Hose Last summer our sprinkling system was having some performance issues, which gave me no other choice than to use the hose and sprinkler attachment to water my yard.  The hose we had was extremely heavy and constantly kinked.  So I headed off to our local Walmart to purchase a much lighter and unkinkable hose.  I had always wanted one of those hoses that stretches when the water is on, and returns back to its original length and shape when the water is turned off.  I chose the most expensive stretchy hose they had thinking it would perform well.

By mid June that hose had sprung a leak that eventually  caused the it to explode.  I had loved the lightness and mobility of the previous hose, and decided to give it another try.  It lasted 5 weeks, then it was off to the graveyard along with its predecessor.

The next hose I purchased on Amazon after reading rave reviews about one particular stretchy hose.  Imagine my delight when I clicked on available colors and PINK was on the list.  When I received the Tuff-Guard The Perfect Pink Garden Hose  I could tell immediately that it was made of a much more durable material.  It was a little more expensive than the other two, but well worth it.

For the rest of the summer I proudly  moved that hose around the yard with ease and confidence in its leak~proof performance.


4.  Pink Outdoor Shade Tent

Pink Outdoor Shade Tent

Now days it is important to avoid the sun as much as possible.  And you never know when you may end up somewhere void of  the cool relief of the shade.  

This may not fall under the category of garden tools and decor, but it would be nice to have on hot sunny days when the children are playing outside in the yard.  

This handy PINK  Outdoor Automatic Pop Up Beach Tent  would be the ideal thing to take with you on summer outdoor adventures.  It would also work well as a changing room or when you just need some privacy.  

It can be fully enclosed by 2 zippers.  It collapses into a compact size and has its own matching tote bag.  Its light weight and tote make it perfect to take anywhere.

It is very reasonably priced and has better reviews than other similar items. 



 5.  Pink Outdoor LED miniature lights

Pink LED Miniature Outdoor Lights

Outdoor miniature lights are not just for Christmas anymore.  They are now being used all year around for other holidays.  Many homes enjoy the twinkling delight that brightens up their yard on dark nights.  They are a necessity for outdoor parties, weddings and other special events now days.

 There are a multitude of colors and shapes of outdoor lights for every occasion.  But of course, the  Waterproof Led String Lights are my first choice and my patio is lit up at night with a warm pink glow of twinkling splendor.


6.  Pink Flamingos For The Yard

lawn-flamingo-clipart-1No post about pink yard and garden decor would be complete without the mention of the iconic lawn ornament.  The birth of the pink plastic wading bird was in 1957 in Massachusetts.  They have become a part of American culture and have adorned many lawns over the decades.

But if you have the urge to give a plastic flamingo a home in your yard, you shouldn’t consider buying anything other than an Original Featherstone Real flamingo  .  Don Featherstone created the first pink plastic flamingo, and he was actually given a Nobel Prize for Art in 1996 for his contribution to American kitsch.


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