Because it’s so close to Father’s Day, I thought I would let the men into my PINK world of wonderment and share some fashionable pink clothing that were picked by other fashionable men.


But first, because Father’s Day is around the corner I would really like to take a minute and honor my Father who has been gone for 18 years.  It’s hard to believe that it’s been that long since I’ve been able to spend Father’s Day with him.

My Dad was born in Virginia and had a very unfortunate childhood.  He was abandoned by both parents at a very young age.  His father remarried and raised a family without including my father or taking any responsibility for him.  His mother was a drug addict and unable to care for him which was quite uncommon in the 1930’s.   He lived with an Aunt until he went out on his own at age 14.  He swept the floor at a shoe store and slept in the back room until he was drafted into WWII at 18.

He met my mother while stationed at an army base near her hometown,  He had taken a date to a Dance Club on New Year’s Eve 1942, and my mother was at the same club on a date as well.  Their dates happened to know each other and they ended up sitting at the same table.

My mom must have really made an impression on him because the next morning he bought a roll of nickels and called every number listed with my mothers last name.  He had one nickel left and the only number left was a business and it was a Sunday.  He decided to call anyway and my mother answered the phone to her families dairy business.  Whew, so many things there could have deleted my very existence.

The picture above is my favorite picture of my Dad.  It was taken while he was dating my Mom and he is sitting on her parent’s front porch.  I don’t know how he got away with smoking a cigarette on their porch as they were a very proper Mormon family.  He quite soon after that.

They married after the war, and because of my mother and her very large families influence, my Dad wanted to have a large family  as well.  He wanted the family life he grew up without.  They had 7 children and spent every day making sure their children had everything they needed, especially love.  We grew up in a very peaceful, happy, and safe home.  My parents never raised their voices to each other or us children.

I feel so blessed that my Father was so determined to give his children everything he never had.  So often you hear about people repeating the mistakes of their parents.  But not my father!  From the moment he married my mother, everything he did was for his family.  He and my mother gave 7 children the perfect childhoods.  They were married for 54 years until his death.  They were still very much in love and he called her “his bride” until the day he died.

Now I look at my brothers, nephews and sons and I’m amazed at the legacy my Father has created.  They are all very loyal, hard-working, loving men who are following his example and have committed their lives to their families and loved ones.  Thank god he had that one nickel left!!



Throughout history, styles and fashion trends have given people a way to express themselves and prove their status among other humans.  Up until the middle of this century, styles have always been very gender specific regardless of the era or the culture.

So how is it that men and women have swapped trends and styles Louis-XIVshoesthroughout history?  For instance, men were the first to wear high heels.  Not to be sexy, like their purpose of the last two centuries, but to add height and improve their status as men.  This trend lasted in to the mid 1800’s and women claimed it as their own fashion statement in the 1920’s when the skirt hems became shorter.

powdered-wig_5Wigs were worn by men and women during Egyptian and Roman ages, it disappeared for several centuries until King Louis the XIII pioneered wig wearing for men of Royalty.  However, it didn’t take long for women to adopt the fashion trend as it was more convenient and hygienic.

The color PINK was also at one time favored by men instead of women.  There is a quote in Earnshaw’s Infant Catalog in 1918 that reads, “The generally accepted rule is pink for the boys and light blue for the girls.  The reason being that pink being a more decisive color, is more suitable for the boy, while blue is more delicate and dainty, and better suited for the girl.”

In 1953, Mamie Eisenhower wore a pink ball gown to the inaugural mamie eisenhower in pink dressball.  This is thought to have been a turning point for pink to become more popular in women’s and girl’s clothing.

So what can we conclude from the ever-changing styles and fashion trends among the ages and sexes?  Well throughout time, people have proven to be followers and they tend to take on many of the generic beliefs of their society.  Before movies and TV, royalty usually dictated many of the beliefs and thoughts of different societies.  Much of what we believe to be fashionable or appealing is constantly fed to us through various types of media.

So since that catalog was written 100 years ago, society has changed their views and opinions on what the color pink portrays.  It is now associated with softness and being delicate, instead of being a more bold color for boys as it once was.  And because of this false perception of a color that is actually red with a little bit of white added to it, men have been missing out on some fabulous fashion choices for decades.

However, now the internet has given us the ability to find anything we want in any color, and men now have options they didn’t have before.  They can now find many clothing options in pink.  Celebrities are definitely taking advantage of the pink styles available to them now.


It’s not possible for Chris Hemsworth and Will Smith to look anything but rugged and masculine no matter what color they are wearing!



And my personal favorite funny guy Robert Downey Jr. has enough self-confidence to wear pink quite often.




kanye in pink

Kanye and Pharrell will wear whatever they want and look good doing it!









Elvis and Ashton look cute and charming in pink!








prince william


William and George look like Royalty in pink!









And Klinger looks insanely gorgeous in PINK!




70's pink suit ad



Let’s just be glad it’s not the 1970’s!













              See how good PINK                   looks on a man!!                          Believe me now????




So as you can see, a man can look cute, handsome, rugged, masculine, and sexy in pink.

I have enlisted the help of some trusted men that I know ranging in the ages 17 ~ 51.  I gave them pictures of men’s pink clothing and had them rate them on most favorite to least favorite.  The pictures included 5 each of the following groups;  men’s shirts, men’s shorts, men’s shoes, men’s socks, and men’s pants.  They rated them 1 ~ 5, with 1 being their favorite.  I had 15 participants.

The results are as follows:



                                                        coofandy pink button down shirt lime green lining

This was the clear winner among the pink shirts.  It is a Coofandy Men’s Button Down Dress Shirts.  They all commented that they liked the lime green accent and the slim fit of the shirt.





They all agreed that Independence Day being right around the corner made them feel patriotic which put this hot pink Big Black American Flag Distressed Merica’ T-Shirt  in second place.





This light pink Mens Hipster Hip-Hop Premium Tee Tee shirt with black striping was my favorite but took third among my voters.  It scored highest with the 20 ~ 30 year old men.






I thought for sure this light pink Shark Prints Casual Button Down Short Sleeve Shirt would be in last place, but I think the sharks on the shirt scored it some extra points.  A couple of them said this would be the perfect shirt to wear during Shark Week.







I threw this Flower Casual Button Down Short Sleeve Shirt in the mix to see how a shirt with “Pink Flowers” would rate.  Although it was in last place, it did receive a few first and second place votes from the guys in their 30’s.











pink baord shortsWell the Pink and Flowers took first in the shorts category. Thirteen out of the fifteen participants put these in first place.  They all said that there are different rules for board shorts, and these Pasha Surf Men’s Trunks Board Short Swim Trunks are something they would definitely buy.



smoke rise ripped shorts



These Men’s Bleached Twill Shorts  came in second.  I actually ordered a pair of these for my son while I was researching shorts to add to the list.  I was very relieved when he put them in second place.




mens pink utillity shorts


These Men’s Fashion Shorts With Multi-Utility Pockets  were the most popular with the oldest man (my husband, ha ha) in the group.  They also scored high with the youngest of the group.  I really like these shorts and I was surprised they only took third place.  They all agreed that they did look very comfortable.



pink white camo men shorts


These  Men’s Camo Cargo Shorts w/ Belt  came in fourth place.  I noticed that the more outgoing men in the group scored these higher than the quieter men.  I can see where these shorts would draw some attention when worn.




I thought the simpleness of these Kanu Surf Men’s Barracuda Swim Trunk, Pink. would be more popular.  But the shorts that had more style and vibrancy were more popular among all of them.










The voting results for the shoes were all over the place.  In the other categories there were clear first place choices, but they all had different opinions when it came to their shoe favorites.   Most of the group said it was hard to pick a favorite because they  liked all of them.  Although there wasn’t a clear favorite, this pair of Converse All Star Chuck Taylor Pink Patch Work shoes scored the highest.



These Nike Men’s Hyperdunk 2016 Vivid Pink Basketball Shoe took the second place spot.  Some of the group mentioned that they really liked the style of the shoes, but the color looked a little too much like someone poured pepto~bismal all over them.



The Polo Ralph Lauren Men’s Vaughn Fashion Sneaker came in third.  I knew my husband would like these, but I was surprised that the younger guys put them in the middle of the pack.  My husband has had several pair of polo sneakers over the years (not pink so far though), and although they are a little more expensive, they are very well made and last longer than most other brands he has bought.


Vans Old Skool Pastel Pack Sugar Pink shoes are the number 4 pick.  I thought it was kind of funny that 9 of the 15 participants were wearing Vans while they were picking their favorites.  Vans have been a popular brand with my two sons for years.  Yet they took the fourth place slot.


These Men’s Linen Slip-On, Prep Pink shoes  came in last.  I decided not to tell them that they were uni~sex.  But apparently they were not fooled.  They did say they looked comfortable though.








Honesty most of the men in the group were not excited about rating pink pants.  It was unanimous among them all that pants would probably be the last item of clothing that they would wear in pink.  So I asked them to pretend that each of the 5 pair of pants they were rating were a different color of their choice.  And with a little alteration of their thinking these Akademiks Men’s Newhawk Rip and Tear Jeans came in first place.   They liked the pockets and the fact that they were stretch material.



These Mens Cotton Hipster Fashion Cargo Slim Fit Combat Zipper Pants were the next choice.  A few of them did say that they did actually like the color of these pants better than the others.


mens pink hipster moto pants



Third on the list are HIP HOP MOTO PANTS.   The ripped jean look is hanging on.


mens pink jeans with cuff


Next on the list were these GUESS Factory Men’s Caprice Woven Pants.  Some of them said they liked the fit and cut of these pants but the cuff would have to go.


pink stretch casual mens pants
And this Men’s Straight-Fit Flat-Front Stretch Casual Work Pant  was not popular at all.  It was least popular clothing item included on all 5 category lists.  I didn’t think they were that bad.






The last category is men’s socks.  I thought it would be a fun category as there are some crazy socks out there of every color.  I’ll just do a quick rundown of their choices.  I’m sure it will be obvious why they picked number 1.


 HUF Men’s Neon Plantlife Socks, Neon Pink, One Size








Odd Sox Men’s Girlies Socks Pink





Crazy Paws OTC Socks







SockGuy Flying Pigs Sock: Pink





Mens Happy Socks Paisley









I want to give a huge thank you to all the guys who took time out of their busy social schedule to help me with this project.  I appreciate your honesty and opinions greatly.  Hope to see you all in some pink attire soon!

Mitch 28 ~  Artist and fashion guru                                                                                                                         Payson 22~ Race car owner and enthusiast                                                                                                           Steve 51~ Bartender and Rhodesian Ridgeback & Greater Swiss Mountain  papa                                       Christian 29 ~ Tattoo artist and beard grower extraordinaire                                                                           Dakota 21~ Ladies man and Corvette owner                                                                                                         Zack W.  39~ Computer Tech guy and traveler of the world                                                                             Zack N. 27~ Fitness Trainer and all around good guy                                                                                         Nick 23 ~   Italian Chef and a heck of a nice guy                                                                                                   Trey 40~  Party Planner of the century and Schitzu dad                                                                                     Sam 22 ~  Race car owner and great neighbor                                                                                                     Bryan 47 ~ White collar guy and good friend                                                                                                       Paul 33  ~ Musician and father of the year                                                                                                             Brandon 17 ~ Full time student and hella smart                                                                                                   Jeff 36 ~ Hair stylist and really really funny                                                                                                       Danny 18~ Recent High School graduate and college bound




































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