Top 10 Christmas Gifts for “PINK”aholics (loves the color PINK)

Top 10 Christmas Gifts For A "Pink"aholic




OK I know that video was pretty silly but I thought it would be a fun way to introduce this post.

Who Loves PINK?

Everybody knows someone who loves PINK.  The color PINK has the largest fan base and more dedication than any other color.   There is a cult of PINK followers out there who have dubbed themselves, “Pink”aholics,  Pink Freaks, and Pink Ladies to name a few.

There also seems to be some admirable personality traits that are common among lovers of the color PINK.  Does this describe anyone you know?….


Top 10 Christmas Gifts for "PINK"aholics (loves the color PINK)

The gift Of PINK

There is one thing about us PINKaholics that is not mentioned above.  WE LOVE PINK GIFTS!  There is nothing more exciting than unwrapping a gift and seeing a glimmer of pink as we peel away the wrapping paper and lift the corner of the box.

Ever since we unwrapped our first Barbie in the PINK box when we were young, PINK still brings us excitement and anticipation on Christmas morning.  It doesn’t matter how old you are.  Knowing there may be a PINK gift under the Christmas tree can still be as exciting as that first barbie doll.  Even when you’re 50+.


My PINK List

I have compiled a list of 10 PINK Christmas gift ideas that may help make your holiday shopping a little easier when buying for that special PINK Freak in your life.

How did I pick the top 10 items?  Well, being a long time shopper, buyer and receiver of PINK items, I called upon my inner PINK voice to guide me.  I also utilized Google Adwords and Pinterest Keywords for the top PINK products and gifts for Christmas 2017.


So here is my list…..

1.  PINK Tool Set

Top 10 Christmas Gifts for "PINK"aholics (loves the color PINK)My first and favorite PINK gift on the list is PINK TOOLS.  This was my favorite Christmas gift I received last year.  I had been wanting a PINK Tool Set for quite a while and was overly excited when I unwrapped not one, but two PINK Tool Sets last Christmas.  My family didn’t coordinate their PINK gift giving very well last year.  It turned out great though, because they were completely different.  One set was in a cute PINK and black bag that made it more portable.  And the other came in a case and included a beautiful PINK cordless drill.

Top 10 Christmas Gifts for "PINK"aholics (loves the color PINK)I love having my very own set of tools that are undeniably mine because of the hot PINK handles on each of the tools.  They will never get mixed up with my husband and sons tools and end up in the big red tool chest of orphan tools in the garage.  I don’t think I will have to worry about my husband and sons wanting to use PINK tools anyway.  I’m sure they think they are too manly to be seen swinging a PINK hammer.

I have been pleasantly surprised at how often my PINK tools have come in handy and how handy I have become.  I have taken on household repair jobs that I might not have undertaken if it weren’t for my excitement to use my PINK tools.


2.  PINK Sunglasses

Top 10 Christmas Gifts for "PINK"aholics (loves the color PINK)Sunglasses are one of my favorite gifts to receive and also give.   I have gotten a few pair of super cute PINK sunglasses for Christmas over the past several years.  Each time they were a fun and unexpected surprise.   Sunglasses are something that almost everyone uses, and for the PINK fan, they can only be PINK.Top 10 Christmas Gifts for "PINK"aholics (loves the color PINK)


PINK “shades” come in many shades of PINK and a variety of styles.  A lighter PINK shade of sunglasses usually have a softer feminine look, whereas, a hot PINK pair of sunglasses can look more edgy and sporty.  But of course, there are many shades of PINK and many many styles of sunglasses to choose from when trying to find that perfect pair of sunglasses for that lover of PINK in your life.

Top 10 Christmas Gifts for "PINK"aholics (loves the color PINK)




Sunglasses are also a fail-safe and easy gift to buy for someone.  You don’t have to worry about buying the wrong size or worry that they are something that they don’t need or won’t use.  Like I said before, pretty much everyone wears sunglasses and you can never have too many pairs.  



3.  Pink Nail Polish & Tools

Top 10 Christmas Gifts for "PINK"aholics (loves the color PINK)Do you know someone who loves to have their nails done but spends more money than they would like to at the nail salon.  Having your nails professionally done can take quite a toll on the pocketbook and not to Top 10 Christmas Gifts for "PINK"aholics (loves the color PINK)mention how time consuming it can be.  In order for someone to keep their nails looking flawless and polished, they must visit the nail salon every 2 – 3 weeks.  And seriously, who has time for that now days?


It is possible to maintain impeccable nails without the costly and frequent trips to the nail salon.  All the tools and supplies that are used in nail salons are available at low cost for home use.  What better gift to give someone than a way to save money and time. Top 10 Christmas Gifts for "PINK"aholics (loves the color PINK)


Top 10 Christmas Gifts for "PINK"aholics (loves the color PINK)Now I realize that a lot of people enjoy their visits to the nail salon as it can be relaxing and a social outlet to some.  But, by gifting them at-home nail equipment, tools or supplies, they can make their visits to the salon less frequent and still save a substantial amount of money. 



 Some advantages of having nail supplies at home are: 

  • last minute party invite and can’t get nail appointment,
  • fix chipped polish,
  • more frequent polish color change,
  • invite friends over for a night-in nail party. 

Top 10 Christmas Gifts for "PINK"aholics (loves the color PINK)Since we are looking for PINK gifts for your PINK loving friend, what are some PINK at-home nail products that would excite any Pinkaholic? 


4. Pink Car Accessories

One way that PINKaholics like to express their love for the color PINK, is by adding  PINK accessories to their car.  It is a fun way to let the world know that you have PINK pride and are not afraid to show it.

There is a few directions you can take when purchasing PINK car accessories, so you really need to know a PINK fans personality in order for them to express themselves on the road properly.


There are PINK car accessories that are light pink and really feminine and girly.  They usually are adorned with bows, butterflies, hearts, or Princess theme, and usually appeal to the younger girls.

Top 10 Christmas Gifts for "PINK"aholics (loves the color PINK)



Then there are the PINK car accessories for the more “wild at heart” PINK freaks.  These car accessories are usually a brighter PINK or hot PINK decorated with zebra stripes, rhinestones or some kind of bling. 

There are also  some really nice PINK car accessories that have a more simple and classic design.  They would appeal more to the mature PINK devotee, or anyone who wants to display their PINK pride in a more subtle way.


My personal favorite type of car accessories are the furry kind.  Living in a cold climate, the fluffy and furry car seat and steering wheel covers look so warm and cozy. 


There are a variety of types of car accessory fur available;  real fur, faux fur, short fur, long fur, and many shades of PINK fur.  Accessories for the car that come in fur include; seat covers, steering wheel covers, gear shift covers, seat belt covers, handbrake cover, and rear view mirror frame cover.


5.  PINK For The Pet

If you go back and read the PINK personality description, at the beginning of his post, it describes the perfect pet owner.  I’m quite sure that a large majority of PINK lovers are also animal lovers as well.  That’s why I have included PINK pet products on this list.  There are many PINK pet product gifts that a pet owner would be thrilled to receive and share with their fur babies.  

Top 10 Christmas Gifts for "PINK"aholics (loves the color PINK)


My first pick is this cute hoodie that tells the world how the pet feels about their human.  Of course our pets love us so why not let them express it to the world the best way they can.  As a PINK and animal fanatic, I would be thrilled to receive this as a gift.  If your family is like mine, we buy gifts for each other from our pets.  Wouldn’t this cute PINK little dog hoodie be the perfect gift for a PINK lovin’ dog mom.

Top 10 Christmas Gifts for "PINK"aholics (loves the color PINK)

Another great gift would be this cute PINK pet grooming set.  This set includes grooming combs and brushes, nail clippers and a retractable dog leash so you can take them out for a walk and let them show off their newly groomed fur. 

Top 10 Christmas Gifts for "PINK"aholics (loves the color PINK)


Give someone the gift of safety for their pet.  Any PINK loving pet owner knows the importance of keeping their fur babies safe at all times.  That includes taking them for rides in the car.  Most dogs love car rides, so making sure they are safely tucked away in a pet enclosure car seat would give their human a great peace of mind.  


6. PINK Faux Fur

This gift idea was based more on my personal taste in PINK gifts.  I LOVE PINK FAUX FUR.  The PINKER and fluffier it is, the more I like it.  I was actually pleasantly surprised when I found that the search term “pink faux fur” ranked quite high on Google Adwords.  Meaning it is a highly searched item on Google.  “Faux Furry PINK”  is also one of my most popular and most pinned and followed boards on Pinterest.  So I have to believe that I am not alone when it comes to my obsession with PINK faux furry things. 

Some PINK faux fur gift ideas are:

Top 10 Christmas Gifts for "PINK"aholics (loves the color PINK)
Top 10 Christmas Gifts for "PINK"aholics (loves the color PINK)
Top 10 Christmas Gifts for "PINK"aholics (loves the color PINK)
Top 10 Christmas Gifts for "PINK"aholics (loves the color PINK)
Top 10 Christmas Gifts for "PINK"aholics (loves the color PINK)


7. PINK Phone Accessories

Phone accessories are always a great gift idea.  Cell phones have almost become an appendage to our bodies.  Most people don’t even go into the bathroom without them.  So it only makes sense that we want to decorate and dress up our cell phones to match our personality.  

So if you are looking for a really easy gift idea for your PINK fan friend, phone accessories are a great way to go.

>Top 10 Christmas Gifts for "PINK"aholics (loves the color PINK)
Top 10 Christmas Gifts for "PINK"aholics (loves the color PINK)
Top 10 Christmas Gifts for "PINK"aholics (loves the color PINK)
Top 10 Christmas Gifts for "PINK"aholics (loves the color PINK)
Top 10 Christmas Gifts for "PINK"aholics (loves the color PINK)


Pink earphone headband

 PINK google eye phone case

PINK flamingo phone case

PINK phone ear receiver

PINK magnifier phone extension


8.  PINK Headphones

It only makes sense that anyone who loves the color PINK would want PINK headphones to go with all their other PINK phone accessories.  Whether they prefer over-the-ear headphones, in-ear headphones, wired or wireless headphones, or ear buds, there are so many cute PINK styles to choose from. They even have headphones built into hats and headbands that are perfect for the PINK lover who enjoys running or other sports. The built-in headphone hats and headbands keep the ear phones in place during strenuous activity. (see headband in #7)

Top 10 Christmas Gifts for "PINK"aholics (loves the color PINK)
Pink and gray headphone beanie
Top 10 Christmas Gifts for "PINK"aholics (loves the color PINK)
Pink rhinestone headphones
Top 10 Christmas Gifts for "PINK"aholics (loves the color PINK)
Pink baseball hat w/ earphones

9.  PINK Hair Styling Tools

Another gift where you can’t go wrong when buying for a PINK fan is PINK hair styling tools.  Doing your hair every day can become a little monotonous and boring.  You can add a little excitement to someones dull morning routine by giving them the gift of PINK beauty tools and equipment.   Trust me when I tell you that anyone that loves the color PINK would love to stock up their bathroom cabinet with a PINK blow dryer, hair straightener, curling iron and various brushes and combs.  A matching set of hair styling tools would be especially PINKALICIOUS.

Top 10 Christmas Gifts for "PINK"aholics (loves the color PINK)
Top 10 Christmas Gifts for "PINK"aholics (loves the color PINK)
Top 10 Christmas Gifts for "PINK"aholics (loves the color PINK)
PINK Hot And Cold Wind Mini Foldable Hair Dryer - Just Pink About It

PINK travel hair dryer

PINK cordless hair straightener

PINK hair styling thermal iron set

PINK brush dryer combo set

10.  DIY Homemade PINK gifts

What’s better than getting a personalized gift from someone who took the time to make or create a gift for friends and family for Christmas.  The holidays are an especially busy time of year for everyone.  When someone takes the time to make their Christmas gifts, they want to make people feel special.

Making Christmas gifts can be a lot more fun and less stressful than shopping.  It’s something you can do with a friend or your kids and make it a holiday tradition.  Not to mention the fact that you could save a lot of money by making something that can be given to multiple people and buying your supplies in bulk.

On this website, I have posted PINK DIY projects over the past several months.  Some of the DIY projects that I think would make great PINK Christmas gifts are homemade beauty products.  The post also includes suggestions on how to package the products in a unique and personal fashion. and where to buy the containers and supplies.



Top 10 Christmas Gifts for "PINK"aholics (loves the color PINK)
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Top 10 Christmas Gifts for "PINK"aholics (loves the color PINK)
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Top 10 Christmas Gifts for "PINK"aholics (loves the color PINK)

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