halloween_kitty-wallpaper-10051094Everyone loves Halloween!  Kids love it for the candy and wearing a costume that emulates a favorite character, object, or person.  But adults also look forward every year for the opportunity to spend a day wearing a silly costume or perhaps dressed as their favorite super-hero or alter ego.  And let’s face it, we also look forward to dipping into the kids trick-or-treat bags once they have gone to bed for the night.  We tell ourselves that they will never miss 1 Twix or a couple of Reeces Peanut Butter Cups.  If we could get away it, i’m sure many of us would still trek around the neighborhood calling out “trick-or-treat” at each door for that collection of sweet treats filling up our trick-or-treat bags.

Halloween has turned into a holiday that is celebrated through decorations, parties, haunted houses and corn mazes  throughout the month of October.  This gives us ample opportunity to decorate our front porch and yard with  ghoulish, creepy displays that would scare the bejeesus out of us any other time of year.  We can also show our fondness for the holiday by decorating our nails, cars and work places.

pink ribbon painted pumpkinSince the early 2000’s (was unable to find an actual date), Halloween has also shared October with a significant and worthy event.  The Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation chose October to spread their message of combating breast cancer and recognizing women who have fought and are fighting the horrible disease.  The Pink Ribbon is the symbol of the Foundation and can be seen everywhere from car bumpers, clothing, store displays and many more locations where people want to show their support.  The color pink is rivaling orange and black as October’s flagship colors.

Because of this, we are seeing more of the color pink show up at Halloween events, parties, and decorations.  Many people are incorporating the two events into one event to show their love for Halloween and their support for Breast Cancer Awareness.

I have searched and found some very creative Pink Halloween themed parties, decorations, costumes, food, and much more in order to compile a one stop location where you can find dozens of ideas and inspiration for incorporating the color Pink into your Halloween holiday.





I have seen a number of Pink Ribbon/Halloween themed party pictures and ideas that are so creative and inspiring, and are a great way to promote Breast Cancer Awareness.

I have also seen Pink incorporated into a little girls birthday party when her birthday is close to Halloween.  Princess  costumes and painting pumpkins are popular at these parties.

Another popular time to incorporate Pink into a Halloween party is a bachelorette  party given in October.  This party is usually dubbed “Ghouls Night Out”.  Clever, right?











Vintage Pumpkin & Roses First Birthday

breast cancer awareness halloween party













Over the top, pink fall decor for Breast Cancer Awareness Month













A Fabulous Pink and Black Halloween Party


Below are some pictures of Pink Halloween party set-ups I found that you can use for inspiration.


Pink is the color of many of our favorite sweets, and is considered to be one of the most appetizing color associated with desserts.  Bakeries use pink quite often in many pastries because of the market appeal.

I have located some eerily delicious recipes for pink Halloween themed party menu items that would impress all of your party ghost and ghoul guests.










Candy Apple Recipes

Zombie Dip

How to Make All-Natural Zombie Brain Cupcakes

Pink Pumpkin Cupcakes

Below are pictures of more pink Halloween treats you can use as inspiration.



Many of us chose to be a princess for Halloween when we were young.  If not a princess, I bet most of us dressed up in a costume that was primarily pink at least once.  I vividly remember insisting on a pink poodle skirt when I was around 7 or 8.

There are more pink themed costumes now than ever before.  Flamingos, fairies, trolls, and power rangers are a few of the pink colored costumes that are popular with young girls now days.


Below you can find some very creative DIY pink Halloween costumes from some wonderful bloggers.

Crazy Cat Lady Halloween Costume

Big Troll Hair DIY – Easy to Make Costume Piece!

DIY Flamingo Costume

DIY French Macaron Costume

DIY Skye Paw Patrol Halloween Costume











No Sew Fairy Halloween Costume











DIY Octopus Costume


pink owl costume









DIY Owl Costume


I have included some pictures I found of some very cute, fun and creative pink costumes that you find some inspiration from.

power ranger pink costume-til

pink batgirl costume2-tile


Even as adults, sometimes we girls just wanna look pretty in pink.  We might just want to embrace that pink princess that has been dying to come out since we were little girls.  Halloween allows us adults to forgo the limitations put on us as grown ups and recapture our youth by dressing up in a costume that allows us to be someone or something else for one night.

Women have an endless choice when it comes to pink costumes.  Flamingos, cupcakes, witches, kitties and bunnies are all popular pink costumes for women.  And most of them have been designed to be the sexy version of each one of the above mentioned.   For a lot of women, Halloween gives them the excuse to dress a little skimpier than they normally would.


You can find some fun, sexy, and cute adult pink costumes below that have been posted by some very talented bloggers.

DIY Frosted Animal Cookie Costume

Easy DIY Flamingo Costume


DIY Toaster Pastry Costume


dunkin donuts halloween costume











DIY Donut King & Queen Halloween Costume


barbie box diy











How To Make A Photo Booth for a Barbie Party


cotton candy diy adult costume












10 DIY Food Halloween Costumes | Kamri Noel


More pictures for ideas and inspiration to help you create that perfect pink Halloween costume

bubble gum adult costume-tile

pink costume ideas

pink costumes

pink costume ideas for halloween


Now that my kids are grown, I found Halloween to be a little less celebratory.  I really miss the yearly costume planning, school parade, and the nightly festivities that became rituals on Halloween night.  My youngest son’s birthday is the day after Halloween, but we always had a Birthday Party that had a Halloween theme.  Those days are gone and I miss them terribly, but luckily I have 6 four-legged fur babies that are reluctantly willing to let me dress them up in extravagant costumes during October.  Friends and family are never surprised if they are met at the door by my Shitzu dressed as a witch, lizard, Chewbacca, or whatever costume I think will make me laugh when I look at her, knowing that she is only enduring the inconvenience for my benefit.

Fun costume ideas for your pet

pet halloween costumes

dog pink aviator costume-tile

I am so amazed at some of the Halloween makeup applications that I have seen.  When I worked as an Instructor at a Beauty College, the students would show off their makeup skills during Halloween by creating Sugar Skull designs on each other that rivaled any I have seen done by Professionals.

If you have a talent for applying costume makeup, or know someone who can, it can be a great alternative to a full costume.  When wearing intricate and extravagant makeup designs at Halloween, a costume may not be needed because it may take away form the effect of the makeup.  However, a wig can highlight and draw more attention to the detail of the makeup.

Here are some of my favorite pink Halloween makeup applications

pink halloween makeup sugar skullhalloween sugar skull makeuppink half skeleton makeup



pink skeleton makeuppink halloween makeuppink electric makeup




pink statue of liberty makeuppink ice cream makeuppink ghoul makeup


pink fawn makeuppink halloween makeup 2pink skeleton electric makeup



Having your nails painted in a Halloween design theme is a fun way to show a little bit of Halloween spirit throughout the month of October.  You could also incorporate a pink ribbon into the design to show your support for Breast Cancer Awareness as well.

My favorite pink Halloween designs

pink halloween nail art designs


When the air begins to feel a little crisp and the nights are chilly, we also begin to see all the ghost, goblins taking up residence in our neighbors doorsteps and yards.  Decorating for Halloween is definitely one of the best things about the month of October.

Some people will go all out and turn their front yard into a yard of terror with a decor of horror, hoping to scare all the little trick-or-treaters.  Other prefer to stay on the cutesy side of the holiday and have some pumpkins and a cute witch perched on their doorstep.  And now you can see some houses that have combined Halloween and the Pink Ribbon campaign by using the color pink in place of, or along with the color orange.

Here are some of my favorite pictures of Halloween porch,  yard and home decor for inspiration

 Halloween Decor Items

Indoor Halloween Decor

Outdoor Halloween Decor

More Outdoor Halloween Decor


Halloween is also a time to get creative and use your crafty skills when getting those pumpkins ready for their debut on the front porch.  For decades, pumpkin carving has always been the Halloween tradition in most homes.  However, more and more families are putting away the knives and pulling out the paint brushes in order to ready their pumpkins for the front porch display.  And some will take it a step farther and transform the pumpkins into  animals, cartoon characters, and visions of artistic delight by donning the pumpkins with wigs and various forms of attire.  You can also see many pumpkins painted pink or decorated with pink ribbons in honor of breast Cancer Awareness.

Front door wreaths are also a fun way to show off your crafty side.  There are so many variations of wreath shapes and designs now days, the decorating choices are endless.  Witches, skeletons, and ghosts are popular themes I have seen used in Halloween wreath designs.  And of course, you can also see a lot of Pink Ribbon wreaths decorating front doors during October.

Here are some fun pink pumpkins and wreaths that may inspire you

pink flowers painted on pumpkin-tile


skeleton door wreath-tile

pink skull door wreath-

witch hat wreath