pink color schemes

What Goes With PINK?

If you ask me, pink is one of the most versatile colors.  Whether you are trying to put together an outfit, decorating a room in your home, or creating an art piece, PINK can be used as a fun or elegant accent color, or a great theme color to used to design around.


Pink and Orange


Combinations of pink and orange have been seen quite a bit in the fashion world lately.  Even though they are both warm bright summer colors, you can still see the color duo in the new fall fashion designs.


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pink and orange outfits

pink and orange


Pink and Gray

When pink is used in a living room design, it is usually used as an accent color.  Light pink is used frequently to add a soft delicate touch to a living room decor.  Hot pink can add a fun bright accent as well.  The two colors together can create a clean and modern decor.

pink and gray decor

pink and gray living room














pink and gray decor

pink and gray living room










pink and gray family roomblush and gray room







Pink And Navy Blue

pink and blue color scheme

The combination of pink and navy blue is a good color combination when decorating a master bedroom.  The pink can add a warm accent to a cool colored bedroom.  It is also a great color combo for a couples master bedroom as it incorporates a feminine and masculine color scheme.

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pink and blue bedroom

pink accent in blue roompink and blue room

pink and blue bedroom














Pink And Brown

The pink and brown partnership has been around for a long time.  It was a popular color combo during the 1940’s and has proven to be timeless.  Dirty pinks such as rose and blush tend to be paired more often with brown and tans, but brighter pinks add a fun flare to neutral colors such a s brown.  The color combo is thought of as more of a winter pair, but can be seen throughout the seasons.  However, there are many cute and classy winter fashion looks that show off the color scheme.


pink and brown clothes

pink and brown outfit

pink and brown clothing


Pink And Green

I must admit that I am not a very big fan of the pink and green color combination.  Maybe because I just don’t have much tolerance for the color green.  It is one of my most least favorite colors.  But I do like pink and green paired together.  I have noticed that the two colors are used together frequently in a lot of shabby chic decorated rooms.

pink and green room

pink and green living room


















Pink and Silverpink and silver vases

Pink is not a common color used in kitchen decor these days.  Unless one is going for a retro kitchen look that includes all pink appliances.  However, a pink accent to a kitchen filled with chrome appliances can be a very modern, chic look.

gray-kitchen-two-islands-grosvenor-linear-triple-pendantkitchen with pink accentsCute-Design-Ideas-Of-Perfect-Pink-And-Silver-Kitchen-Colors-Using-Rectangle-White-Motif-Hanging-Pendants-700x461










hot pink accent kitchen



Pink and Teal

pink and teal color schemePink and Teal are a popular color combination and can be seen together in home decor, clothing ensembles, and my personal favorite color scheme for parties.  It’s a great combo for a birthday party , bachelorette party, summer party, and wedding.  There are so many shades of each color that can be mixed together to create beautiful decorations and scenery for any kind of party.









pink and teal wedding decorpink and teal cake




Pink and The Rainbow

If you are some who loves bright colors and loves to surround yourself with a kaleidoscope of color, just don’t forget the pink.  Pink adds balance to a ensemble of many colors because of it’s softness and ability to be warm or cool.  A living room is a great place to express one’s love of color as it usually is a large enough room to use colors in a variety of ways.  Pillows, area rugs, textiles and lighting fixtures are one way to display the many colors.

pink and orange pic

bright living roomcombo-curtains-and-interior-details1-9









living roomliving room decoration