Our Passion For Flamingo Fashion

The Pink Flamingo is a fascinating and beautiful bird that has captured our hearts and fascinated us for years.  Since Don Featherstone created a plastic image of the pink, long-legged creature that has stood proudly on our front lawns for decades now, we have been fascinated with the beauty and quirkiness of the flamingo.

Restaurants, hotels, casinos, and movies have been named after the flamingo and used it's image along with the color PINK to promote their business and liken themselves to the beauty, elegance, intrigue and awkwardness of the pink bird.  

Not too long ago, the reputation of the flamingo hit a snag and the plastic pink lawn bird became known as a kitschy trailer park decoration.  And unfortunately, the John Waters film, Pink Flamingo did not help flamingos social status either. 

However, over the past couple of decades, there have been several documentaries that have given us a glimpse into the strange and captivating life of the flamingo species around the world.  We have been mesmerized by the choreography of their mating dance to the sight of thousands of flamingos migrating to the same spot every year and turning the earth into a sea of pink waves from above.  These images have recaptured our intrigue and renewed our interest in the Pink Flamingo.  And the flamingo image has since then heightened it's social status, and become one of our favorite decorating images.

Now you can find the image of the flamingo found everywhere from home decor, party themes, novelty items to a fashion statement.  It's image can be seen displayed in it's elegant form, in a tropical setting, to a humorous cartoon image.  But no matter what form it takes, we our captivated by all the beauty, elegance, awkwardness, quirkiness and posture the flamingo has to offer.

When it comes to "flamingo fashion", we just can't seem to get enough of it.  You can find many images of the flamingo displayed on every piece of clothing from dresses, shirts, shorts, shoes, socks, handbags, jewelry and hats.  

Flamingo Print Dresses

There are so many women's dresses that have beautiful flamingo print patterns.  Summertime is an especially popular time for the flamingo to show up displayed on casual to more formal dresses.



Flamingos have found their way into everyone's hearts and you can see their likeness printed on fabric from everywhere from celebrities to the runway, and on the street.  The flamingo fashion on the runway may be a little out there, but it just goes to show that the flamingo has come a long way from hanging out with gnomes in front yards.

Flamingos On Celebrities

Our Passion For Flamingo Fashion

Flamingos On The Street

Flamingos On The Runway

Our Passion For Flamingo Fashion


Pink Flamingo Funny T-Shirts

So why does the flamingo appeal to so many people?  Perhaps,everyone can find something about the popular pink bird that they can identify with.  Whether it's the elegance of the bird in flight, or the posture of the flamingo standing tall and proud.  Or maybe, some of us can identify with the awkwardness and quirkiness of the long-legged bird balancing on one leg.  Or maybe, we can relate to the flamingo's annual mating dance that reminds us of a bad night.

The flamingo has definitely been depicted in humorous ways,especially on T-shirts accompanied by a cute or funny saying.


Fun And Fancy Flamingo Design Tops

There are also a lot of shirts and blouses out there that show a more serious side of the flamingo.  You can find tops with beautiful tropical prints or prints that show a more elegant version of the lovely pink creature.  Summer is an especially opportune time to find a variety of flamingo print patterns on blouses, tops and t-shirts.


Flamingo Design Shoes

Another popular flamingo fashion statement are shoes decorated with our favorite pink feathered friend.

Of course, you can go with a flamboyant pair of flamingo design shoes if you dare.  But there are some really cute and fun flamingo theme shoesthat are a little more tasteful and practical.

A cute pair of flamingo print pumps are the perfect shoes for a summer event that callsfor a dressy pair of pumps.  Or a pair of flamingo print canvas loafers to wear on a casual summer day are a great addition to any summer wardrobe.

And don't forget about flamingo theme flip flops.  What better to decorate flip flops withthan the tropical pink flamingo.


Flamingo Print Swimwear

Flamingos on the beach is an image we see in pictures and if we're lucky enough, maybe even in person on a tropical beach somewhere.  So it only makes sense that flamingo print swimsuits are a popular choice  for swimmers and beach-goers all over the world.

Flamingo Theme Pajamas

sleeping birds flamingo

When flamingos sleep, they twist their longs necks around to rest their heads on their backs, while standing on one foot.  The sleepinghabits of flamingos are very interesting and worth reading more about in the book, Those Funny  Flamingos by Jan Lee Wicker.   If you are a flamingo lover, you can learn a lot of interesting and fun facts about the different species of flamingos around the world. 

Fortunately, we have much more comfortable sleeping habits and positions, and are able to stay warm and comfy in flamingo print pajamas.  There are so many cute flamingo theme pajamas available for women, men and children.  

Flamingo Design Accessories

And what better to accessorize a summer outfit than a cute pair of flamingo earrings, or a handbag covered with an elegant image of the bird standing proudly on one leg.  

You can find any type of women's accessory that is covered with images or even the shape of the flamingo. 

Well known designers are even getting into the flamingospirit with their flamingo design handbags and jewelry.

For The Little Flamingirls

There are so many cute flamingo print patterns and flamingo appliques that are used to make little girls dresses, rompers, swimsuits and outfits.  The fun and cute designs can make us women jealous of the variety of flamingo matching outfits that are available for little girls.   I mean really, why can't we wear matching pantaloons and headbands?  Ha Ha

Flamingo Fashion Has Gone To The Dogs


And we mustn't forget our four legged fur babes.  They like to be in style just like we do.  O.K., not really, but we like to keep them on trend for trips to the dog park or long walks through the neighborhood.