It's A Fa La La Mingo Christmas -Holiday Flamingo Items

It's A Fa La La Mingo Christmas

Decorate Your Holidays With Pink Flamingos

Who said we have to put all our flamingo theme decor, apparel and accessories away at the end of summer?!
After standing guard on our front lawns all summer in the hot scorching sun, those plastic pink birds deserve a little holiday cheer. 
That's right, the pink flamingo's popularity has risen, and so has it's staying power throughout all four seasons.  We no longer need to store our flamingo theme items in the back of our closets attics and garages during the cold weather months. 
We are so enamored by the elegant, yet quirky bird we are now surrounding  ourselves with it's likeness when decorating our homes, in our fashion choices, and planning elaborate parties all year long.
The flamingo has become the star of many types of parties, including the more recent and popular "Flamingle" party.  It has been a long time favorite theme for little girls parties and summer celebrations as well.
Is it any wonder that we want to include our favorite pink-feathered friend in our holiday celebrations now more than ever?!