My mind just wants to explode when I start thinking about all the possibilities of decorating an office with pink accents and supplies.  Would I go bold and use hot pink as an accent to a modern minimalist black and white decor?  Or would I create more of a fun atmosphere by using a bubble-gum pink to bring life to a dull room.  And then again, I may want to bring out my softer side with a paler pink and a more soft decor.


Whether your office is at home, work, or some other space, we spend a lot of time in our offices.  So doesn’t it make sense that we want to be comfortable in a space we spend so much time in.

Of course there are a lot of things to consider before deciding on a decor theme for your work-space.

  • How big is the space?  You don’t want to over-decorate.
  • Do client’s visit your office?  Keep decor professional.
  • What is needed for organization and how to organize efficiently?
  • Budget?  Make a list of priority items you need instead of over-purchasing unnecessary items.



One of the funnest and cheapest ways to add that pink flare to any office is paint existing office furniture PINK.  Many thrift stores have great old desks,cabinets and chairs that would look great refinished and painted pink as well.  You want to make sure you follow some important steps if you decide you want to transform an existing or old piece of wooden furniture.      

  • First of all, sanding the wood properly is essential if        you want the paint to adhere to the primer and create    a   smooth, long-lasting finish.   150 grit sandpaper
    works best to rough up the surface. I use my   Pink Box Cordless Sander in order to get the best  results.    
  •  Using a foam brush or roller, apply  Rust-Oleum  Zinsser Bulls Eye Primer, making sure  to get in all  corners and crevices.  Allow primer to  dry completely  and then inspect for any dried drips  or rough spots  that need to be smoothed by sanding.   Remove residue  if necessary.   
  •  I would use a small foam roller to apply the paint.   For best results, paint 3 thin coats of paint using  foam roller, allowing at least 8 hours to dry in  between each coat.   There are several choices when  determining what type of paint to use.  I prefer to   use regular acrylic paint that is used on crafts.  Other options are chalk paint if you want a matte  finish, latex paint, milk paint or spray paint.    
  •  The last step is to protect your project once it has                     thoroughly dried with a clear protector.  Once you                   have decided what type of paint you are using, read                 product guidelines in order to determine best                           protector to use.



Another way to add a little pink to your office that also contributes to being organized is by investing in a ClosetMaid Cubeicals Organizer.  With this you have a variety of pink fabric collapsible bins to choose from that will fit inside the cubicle organizer.  Using 2 different colors placed in a checkerboard design, or using them in every other cube is a fun way to incorporate pink into your decor.

cubicle storage with fabric bins



There are also some fun, easy and cheap ways to decorate the walls of your office as well.

You can call on your crafty creativeness to create pictures on the wall that will go with any decor.

  • An easy way to create a wall display is to use fabric that goes with your decor in frames and organize them on your wall in a decorative fashion.

framed fabric-tile

  • You can also use the same or similar fabric to decorate a lamp by adhering the fabric onto the lamp shade using Multipurpose Adhesive Spray.

covering lamp with fabric-tile

  • There are a multitude of peel-off wallpapers and decals that would make it very easy to transform an office space into a room that can really reflect your personality.  There are a variety of wallpaper textures that can really add to the design of a room.  The peel and stick wallpaper is so convenient to use in rented office spaces or at work if allowed.  And if you just want to add a little detail to a wall, there is unending choice of wall decals available as well.

peel and stick wallpaper and decal



Decorating with pink office supplies is a practical way to add a little pink flare to an office at work or a professional office space where you don’t have the freedom to decorate as you please.  Speckling your desk with some pink supplies such as; staplers, pen holder, tape dispenser, post-it dispenser, etc, is a fun way to let everyone know that yes, you like pink. And it lets you show off a little of your personality in the design of the supplies you choose to use to perform your daily work.  Whether you like a little pink glitter or bedazzling, or soft or hot pink, there are pink office supplies for every pink loving personality.
bedazzled pink office supplies-tile



And finally, a simple way to add pink to your office in a classic way is with textiles such as, window coverings, floor coverings, chairs,  and seat pillows or cushions.  If your are really ambitious, you could even make a matching pillow or seat cushion with the material used in the picture frames.  Now,  I wouldn’t consider having all the above mentioned textiles be pink.  That might be too much.  You wouldn’t necessarily want to put a pink chair on a pink area rug.  I would choose one or two of the textiles to use as accents or focal points.  In some of the pictures below, the offices definitely have a pink focal point that your eye is immediately drawn to.  Other rooms have so much pink, your eyes are all over the place when looking at the picture.  Neither is wrong, it’s just a matter of taste.

  • If you have a windowed office that needs some type of treatment, there are a few things to consider.  How elaborate or simple of a window treatment do you feel your office decor requires? How big  is the window (which can limit your options)?  How much do you want to spend? And would you prefer drapes, curtains, shutters or blinds?            When choosing window coverings, make sure to keep in mind the amount of sun that shines through the window and if they would be susceptible to dust and dirt when choosing material. The sun can shorten the life of your window coverings if you do not choose the right medium.

  • When choosing an area rug, it is also important to consider the amount of traffic going through your office.  If you have a considerable amount of traffic, you should choose a rug that is made from durable fibers such as wool or cotton. Wool being the most durable of the two.  However, although synthetic fibers are not as durable and long-wearing as wool and cotton, they are easier to clean.  So I guess you would have to determine how dirty the feet are that would be trekking through your newly decorated pink office.  Either way, I would go with a darker shade of pink or even black if that fits your pink decor motif.  Now if you rarely have any visitors in your office, go ahead and go for it and get that pink or white faux fur rug that you know you want.  Or maybe that’s just me.

  • And finally, where are you and your guests going to sit?   What are the most important considerations when choosing a chair that you may be spending a considerable amount of time in?  Is comfort the most important consideration?  There are a lot of ergonomic chairs that are quite stylish and can really help prevent some aches and pains that come from sitting at a desk for long periods of time.  Or is  style number one on your list of chair priorities.  Would an upholstered accent chair fit into your office decor better?  One advantage to selecting an accent chair instead of an office chair on wheels  behind your desk is being able to use the same chairs for guest chairs.                I would suggest that if you spend a lot of time at your desk, make sure and choose a chair that is well made, comfortable, and is the right height for your desk if it does not raise up and down.

So there are 5 simple suggestions that you can bring your love of pink into your work space.  For most of us, work is already stressful.




Why shouldn’t we surround ourselves  with things we enjoy and a decor that is more uplifting and comfortable in a space that requires so much of our time and energy.  I honestly feel that an atmosphere that is inspired by our personality and preferences will result in more productivity and work enjoyment.