As the summer draws to an end, their is but one thing on young women's minds.  "What am I going to wear on the first day back to school"?  It's important to most young ladies to make a first impression that will let your classmates and friends get a taste of what you're about this year.

It is no easy task finding that perfect outfit for the first day of school, let alone a whole new wardrobe that will keep you in style for the next nine months.   

First of all, are you confident about what  your fashion personality style is?   Do you lean more towards a classic style with clean lines and monochromatic tones, an edgy look that competes with the latest trends, a vintage look that pays homage to the past, or perhaps a boho look that brings out your free spirit? 

If you're not sure what your style is, this is a fun fashion personality quiz on Teal Inspiration Hues Of Excitement website.  Maybe it can help you narrow down your personal style. 

Fun fashion personality quiz

A lot of young women going back to high school and college may be experiencing for the first time, the responsibility of buying their own back to school ensembles.  This can limit one's choices is they are not willing to search for the best deals and promotions. 

And because so many women love the color PINK, and choose to add a few or many PINK items to their back to school wardrobe, I have chosen some fun, cute PINK affordable back to school pieces in various fashion styles to share.


Show up in class wearing PINK bohemian style tops, fringe decorated blouses, and shirts embellished with col legate stripes.

Each one of these PINK tops would look great paired with cute a pair of jeans and comfy loafers.


PINK Print Trousers

According to Bazaar. plaid will be popular in 2018.  PINK plaid prints can give an outfit a preppy, edgy and feminine look that will surely capture attention on campus.

PINK camouflage prints hare always been popular with young women and ladies who enjoy adding a touch of femininity to a traditionally masculine and sporty pattern.

Comfort is the way to go this year with trendy pant styles that offer an elastic waistband.  Fashion can be comfortable!

PINK Jackets

A cute PINK hoodie or jacket is the perfect accessory for the 2018 Fall back to school season.

Metallic fashion could be seen all over the Fall Fashion Runway this year.  PINK can give the hardness of a metallic fabric a softer and more feminine look.

Every girl should have at least one comfortable, over-sized boyfriend style jean jacket.  Why not make a statement with hot PINK!

And never rule out anything leopard print.  Especially PINK leopard print fashion.


PINK Mini Dresses

Sometimes a girl is just in the mood to dress up a little.  Adding a cute mini dress to your back to school wardrobe gives you an option for just such a day.  

They are also a great option for beginning of the school year days that are still warm enough to show off your legs.

The variety of PINK print patterns are endless, but you can never go wrong with PINK  stripes, polka-dots, and camo.

PINK Shoes 

Every women's wardrobe should include a cute PINK pair of shoes!

It's always a good idea to include a comfy pair of flats or loafers to your back to school wardrobe.  There are so many cute loafers with fun embellishments to choose from this year.  Bows, ruffles, knots, and rhinestones give loafers a fun, trendy look that will accentuate any wardrobe. 

A great pair of ankle boots are also a great addition to a back to school wardrobe.  They are a great transition from summer to autumn shoe and look great with a cute pair of jeans. Especially in PINK!

PINK Backpacks

A cute PINK backpack is the perfect back to school accessory for anyone who loves the color PINK.  

Whether you're into faux fur, polka dots, pink flamingos, or pets, the varieties of PINK pattern and PINK theme backpacks are endless.

PINK Accessories

And we mustn't forget all the cute and fun PINK accessories that can accentuate an outfit. 

Let's face it, some days you just need a cute baseball cap to cover up a bad hair day. 

And who can resist a cute shoulder bag or phone case?!