Autumn Fashion 2017 has seen a variety of fashion trends that have gone from the flamboyant runway design to a more simplified look for everyday wear.


Pink Sweaters

Pink Sweaters Fall 2017 Runway

Sweaters on the runway included over-sized sweaters and form-fitting sweater dresses.  Sweaters of all shapes and sizes were paired with jeans, dress pants, skirts, worn over dresses and of course worn with bare legs and boots.  The sleeves were definitely a focal point of design this season.  Overly long and full sleeves were seen on the large loose sweaters as well as the more fitted ones.


Pink Sweaters Fall 2017




Pink Ruffles

There were so many ruffles shuffling down the runway this season, it probably resembled a potato chip factory LOL.  Even though some of the ruffles were greatly exagerated for the runway, there were some really cute, trendy ruffle looks that were wear ready.  AND honestly, is there a better color for ruffles than PINK?  I think not.  Pink and ruffles go together like potato chips and dip.

Pink Fashion 2017 Fall Runway



Pink Sleeves

pink fall fashion 2017


Long sleeves, poufy sleeves, holey sleeves, one sleeve. It seem as though the designers are focusing on the sleeves in order to make their designs stand out this year.  Bell sleeves are prominent in the fashion industry this year as well as the cold shoulder look, caped shoulder and elbow puff sleeve.


The Highs and Lows of Pink

pink high low dresses 2017

The high low look has been around for a few years and continues to make it’s presence known on the runway.  It has a become an especially popular look for gowns and skirts.  It started out as a seasonal look for Summer and Spring but has made it’s way into the Fall and Winter designs with the addition of heavier material.


Softer Side Of Pink – Short Dresses


pink short dress fall 2017

Soft and flowy short dresses are usually associated with summer looks, but this year they were adapted to fit the Fall Fashion line by lengthening the hem a little and long sleeves.  Soft ruffles and lighter pink tones make them a romantic look for Fall and Winter.


Pink Trench and Over-sized Coats


Over-sized seems to be the theme for coats this season.  The traditional trench coat has been redesigned from a fitted coat to a boxier look with looser lines.  Dress coats are baggier and fuller and can be belted.  The over-sized coat can be worn with casual looks to dressy looks and compliments the 2017 Fall line of fashion.



Pink Pants

pink pants fall 2017

Pantsuits, capris, pencil pants, and baggy pants were just some of the pant styles we see this year.



 Faux Furry Pink Coats

Faux Fur Pink 2017


 Pink Puffy Coats


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