Cake!  Who doesn’t love cake!?  It’s one of the first types of unhealthy food that our parents gave us and we give our children to feast on for that first birthday.  Although, let’s admit it, we only give them cake for the great pictures that result from a tiny human being that doesn’t have the concept of how to use a fork digging into cake with both hands.  We all have those pictures of ourselves and/or our children covered in cake and frosting with a big goofy smile on our faces, unaware that we will spend the rest of our lives wanting to relive that moment of shoving cake in our faces and not worrying about the calories we are ingesting.  KittenBirthday2

And who remembers insisting that our mothers needed our help when baking a cake.

But we actually just wanted to be right there and intercept the beaters when they were  pulled from the batter before they made it to the kitchen sink.  Ya know licking the beaters is really cute when your a child, but not real flattering as an adult.  And yes, I admit that I am a closet “beater licker”, but only in private.  


The term CAKE has a Viking origin.  They referred to cake as kaka.  It was originally a basic bread made from flour, eggs, milk, and nuts and sometimes batter.   The Greeks added butter and honey to the mix which which produced more of a sweet baked good.

In early England, cakes and bread were essentially the same.  The only thing that set them apart was the round shape of the cake, and the process of turning it over during baking.  Bread was left sitting upright through the entire baking process.

During the Great Depression, there was a surplus of molasses and the need to provide food to millions of economically depressed people in the United States.  This is when the first cake in a box originated and became a mass-produced good rather than a home baked or specialty bakery  good.  Frosting mix didn’t come onto the scene until the 1950’s.  



Now days cake is very often used as a celebratory dessert on many important and ceremonial occasions, such as birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and many more celebrations.  There are countless kinds of cakes and countless recipes for each kind.  Cake baking has become a lot more simplified than it once was, and at the same time has also become an art form that has spawned cake baking and cake decorating contests all over the world.


The varieties, shapes, flavors, colors, and textures of cakes are endless and most of us have our favorite type of cake.  My favorite cake may be a little bit ordinary but I absolutely LOVE Red-velvet cake.  I know it’s not pink, but close enough.  And nobody has ever made it better than my older sister.  It’s been a long time since I have had a piece of her red cake but it was the beginning of my obsession with anything red-velvet flavored.


Pink Lemonade Cupcakes

Circus Animal Cookie Cake



White Velvet Layer Cake with Strawberry-Raspberry Mascarpone Buttercream

Very Cherry Cupcakes

Giant Donut Cake


Strawberry Cake


Strawberry Lemonade Cake


Pink Almond Party Cake


Pink Velvet Swiss Roll

Red Velvet Cake In A Jar