Make Room In Your Closet For 2018 Fashion Trends

 Fashion Trends For 2018

Another year has passed and a new one begins.  And along with a brand new year, comes a year of new fashion trends and looks.  As we come to the close of 2017, we are still seeing a lot of feathers, fur, and frills that played an important part of our 2017 wardrobe ensembles.  But we are eagerly looking forward to the new fashion trends that 2018 will bestow upon us.  

According to Vogue Magazine, the predictions for Spring 2018, shine, shine, shine will be the fashion mantra this coming Spring as we see a lot of sequins, glitter and metallic material.  Cargo pants are also suppose to make a big comeback and I am personally excited to see how they will be designed to meet modern trends. They are also predicting the mashed up prints will hitting the streets as well.  Especially 70's flower design prints.  However, I have to mention that we have seen fashion designers try to introduce the mixed print trend several times over the past few decades, but it has never really caught on like it did in the 1970's.  Some things are just better left in the past.  

W Magazine is placing their bets for 2018 on the shine theme as well.  They also tell us that slip dresses, sorbet colors, and designer logo tees will be a big hit for the Spring and Summer collections.  They say we can also look forward to another season of feathers, fur, and over-sized trench coats and tops.  And like Vogue, they are on the mashed up print bandwagon, so I guess we will see if they can make us believe it's a good choice for our 2018 wardrobe.


Make Room In Your Closet For 2018 Fashion Trends

So as we prepare to navigate our way through the never-ending twists, turns and detours of the fashion world, it is time to assess our current wardrobe situation.  There are 4 basic categories you will discover as you pull each clothing item out of your closet and determine it's fashion potential for the upcoming season.

  1. Classic pieces are usually solid color basic items that can are timeless and can be updated by wearing them with more current items.
  2. Trendy pieces are what's in now.  Usually the newest members of your wardrobe. 
  3. Then there are those pieces that are not really the current style but you're just not ready to let them go.  You want to try and get one more season's wear out of them.  
  4. And finally those items that have overstayed their welcome and it's time to part ways and send them off to the thrift store or donation center.   This is how you can make room in your closet for your new 2018 fashion finds.  

Cleaning out a closet and getting rid of old and overused clothing items can be very cleansing to the soul.  Not only can it free up space in your closet, it can keep us from hanging on to things for sentimental reasons.  It can also force us to get rid of those too-small jeans that we are keeping until they fit again. 

 Once your closet has been cleansed, you can start adding those trendy new items to your wardrobe and create new outfits by coordinating the new and older pieces for one great look.

Below are some PINK inspired party and special occasion looks that have combined some 2017 styles along with some 2018 upcoming trends.